Think the French only eat croissants for breakfast? This "Valencian rice" spread across the country and now is one of the most popular foods of Spain. With your sweet tooth satisfied, board a plane for Los Angeles to sample these taters smothered with cheese, grilled onions, and In-N-Out’s secret spread. Let us know in the comments. Or was it a mirage? You keep walking. To order your copy for £12.99 plus p&p, call 0844 871 1514 or visit We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Though it likely has its roots in northern India, those in Glasgow, Scotland, claim the recipe for chicken tikka masala was the creation of an authentic curry house in the city. very pleasant but these cat excrement coffee beans are prized by gourmets around the world. A recipe shows pa amb tomaquet debuting during the late 1800s, when tomato and olive oil were used to soften stale bread and make it edible again. Chocolate Croissant From Tartine Bakery, SF. And you've most likely had tomato soup. Using an indigenous leaf vegetable in Trinidad and Tobago, callaloo can be a side dish or a soup. Though it is also a ‘Forbidden Fruit’ (one is not allowed to carry a raw fruit on public transportation), owing to its strong odour which can be detected from far away. Unfortunately, it only dehydrates you even more. In Austria, apfelstrudel (apple strudel) is a traditional dessert dating back to the 1600s in Vienna. Could COVID-19 set off a wave of heart disease? If you feel like we left an important have-to-try food off the list, let us know in the comments below! Schnitzel has grown to include turkey, chicken and mutton, but pork is the original and true dish. Another Chinese specialty, chicken feet are mostly served as bar snacks though they can also be served in a soup or as a main dish. Having successful careers, raising a loving family, making a ton of money -- these are among the most common goals. Recipes The story of how Navajo frybread came to be is a tragic one. The name derives from the Quebec slang term for "mess," which it certainly is. (You could do that with the airplane version, as well.). Dallas? Created in the late 1800s by a Dutch baker, you can find these cookies sold in stores and yes, on airplanes, but the real way to eat them are in a Dutch coffeeshop. You've gone mad now. 50 foods to try before you die Previous slide Next slide 1 of 51 View All Skip Ad From caviar and crisps to coffee and cheese, Mark Price has spent years sampling the world’s best foods. The U.S. government gave the Navajo flour, sugar and lard to keep them from starving. The Aussies, who have been eating pie floaters since the late 1800s, top the pie with a tomato sauce (not ketchup) and Worcestershire sauce to give it an extra kick. Which should include you, at some point. Leave it the the people of Australia to come up with this uniquely named comfort meal. Once the cheese hardens, the Finnish soften it with hot coffee. Eating a tamale is like opening the best present you've ever received. Haven't tried kimchi yet? But you can. When you remove the snail, it can be turned into a ceviche, but most islanders prefer it served in fritter form — combined with cornmeal, corn, lime juice and peppers, then fried until golden brown. (They also cannot be eaten raw.) A regional delicacy in Cambodia, fried spiders served as a snack is a great attraction for tourists. In El Salvador, they're served with refried beans and a sour cream made with mantequilla or cheese as an appetizer. From caviar and crisps to coffee and cheese, Mark Price has spent years sampling the world’s best foods. The crisp waffles have a brown sugar, molasses and butter filling and are eaten across the Netherlands. (Just don't trust IKEA to do you the honors of introduction; find the real deal!). Incredibly rare and highly valued in Chinese medicines, the fungus caterpillars are used in drugs to restore energy, promote longevity and stimulate the immune system. The dish was created by the Minangkabau people of Sumatra and is a stew made with coconut milk-braised beef with a curry of spices that include chilies, turmeric, garlic, onion, ginger and coriander. (We know you're now thinking: "Why haven't I ever considered that?!"). Made with egg noodles in Germany, it's rare to not be offered this along with a main course in the nation, particularly with meats. Have you ever been on an airplane and given a waffle-like cookie filled with a caramel-like filling? It sits upon a bed of Basmati rice and the entire meal is flavored with spices, onions, tomatoes and raisins. They taste like you died and went to heaven. If you're a mashed-potatoes-side-dish sort of person, mofongo may just ruin you. It is then hung to dry for four or five months. created by the Minangkabau people of Sumatra. One of the world's most expensive coffees, the black Ivory Coffee is exclusively made in Northern Thailand by collecting coffee beans that have been digested by elephants. This list went viral on Facebook several years ago and now has a new home here on Enjoy this dish with a glass of Zincica, a sheep's milk byproduct of bryndza cheese. Find out! It tastes like mole. You can eat platanos fritos as a treat, as well, dipping them into a variety of sauces. For extra goodness, the mussels come from the coast of Belgium and are simmered with a white wine sauce. A nightmare? And since we don't want you to go through life without eating as best as you can, we've put together a list of things you have to eat before you reach the end of your life, most of which you can make in your own kitchen. If you see a roadside stand selling frybread as you drive through the desert near national parks, pull over immediately! But until you've had them together, you don't yet know how very wonderful life can be. It reportedly has the ability to boost your libido, is good for your skin and prevents heart diseases. Now, you eat this dish at the start of the meal in southern Spain, much as you dip bread in olive oil and balsamic vinegar in Italy. It'll be weeks before you're alert enough to hear the answers. But you have to drink or you will die. Consider this your ultimate food bucket list. Included in the dishes are often cheese made of sheep's milk (beyaz peynir), a thick yogurt (haydari) and another with cucumber and garlic (cacik), grilled calamari salad, grilled seasonal vegetables, grape leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables (dolmas), a hot pepper and walnut paste (acili eme), fresh fruit and lamb meatballs. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. © ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images, © Pan Songgang/ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images, asp crackers, which are prepared with wasps first. Does it taste like chocolate? Take a phyllo pastry and fill it with ground beef and spices, and you have a dish typically served up in Bosnia and Hezegovina. During the day, pastel bakers churn these out as quickly as people snatch them up. You couldn't throw a grain of rice in India without it hitting someone who eats masala often — it's that much a mainstay of the nation. Surely, they must be coming for you soon. But the country's real treat, especially when celebrating St. Patrick's Day, is colcannon, which is a combination of both of Ireland's common foods. Can't we just enjoy it in India no matter who first created it? It is said that Jerk spices may have been developed by escaped African slaves in Jamaica. Both Wagyu and Kobe steaks come from Wagyu cattle (wagyu means cattle in Japanese), but not all Wagyu beef is Kobe. It can be prepared as a mousse, pate, served as a main dish or as an accompaniment. Interestingly, chlodnik actually got its start in Lithuania, but so many people traveled between the two countries during the 14th through 16th centuries that it became a national dish of Poland. Here is my list of the 50 Jersey foods you must try before you die. Only highly trained chefs are allowed to make this dish, as it is poisonous unless prepared correctly. Suddenly, you hit major turbulence. A blend of chili and spices are mixed into the meat and and topped with niter kibbeh, a spiced butter, to complete the recipe. One of Iceland’s favourite delicacies, smoked puffin meat is served with blueberry sauce. D. Duck tongue fried and served crispy with celery and red chillies is a specialty available in Hong Kong, . Hákarl, which means shark in Icelandic. These mushy balls of meat soaking up a cream sauce will melt in your mouth. We thank the Americas every day for giving us ceviche. How did you get here? Recipes and more delivered to your inbox. You're filled with an intense hunger–you have to try. Years? It's served with pickles and charcuterie and it's one of the many reasons we respect the Swiss. It actually involves a couple different variations: wiener schnitzel (Vienna is "Wien" in German) is made with veal pounded flat, while schweineschnitzel in Germany is made with a pork chop. Archeological sites in Colombia provide proof of arepas dating back 3,000 years, with Venezuelan evidence going back 2,800 years. 50 Foreign Foods to Try Before You Die. In the N'awlins sea of French Creole foods, this sandwich created by the city's Italian immigrants stands out. We know how easy it is to get caught up by the fast pace of our lives, so we're here to remind you of what's really important: eating. Does it taste like chilies? What's all the hubbub about? Just as the American South combines chicken and waffles, mussels and fries just pair perfectly together and rarely are enjoyed without each other. A former winter treat, this all-black pungent mushroom is now available in all seasons. Both are coated with breading and fried.

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