It stars Sandra Dee, James Darren, Cliff Robertson, Arthur O'Connell and The Four Preps. Soon she's accepted and given the nickname "Gidget". She quickly becomes infatuated with him, but he shows no romantic interest, however Frances is more attracted to surfing than man hunting. Written by You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. in a story about a teenager's initiation into the California surf culture and her romance with a young surfer. Amused, Kahuna attempts to call Gidget's bluff by pretending to take her up on her offer but finds himself falling under her spell. Although they make fun of her at first, they teach her to surf. Tom Zoerner . Pictorially, this mild little Columbia frolic, about a teen-age girl with boy trouble, seems an ideal way to usher in the beach season." Within ten years of the film's release, two sequels, a television series, and a telemovie were produced. ", Title: in a story about a teenager's initiation into the California surf culture and her romance with a young surfer. Having seen most of her films, I must say that in addition to being a pretty face, she is also a good actress. Embarrassed about bringing him back to her tiny apartment that she ... See full summary ». But it's hard work to become more than a friend to Moondoggy. Gidget is a 1959 American CinemaScope comedy film. After spending the last two years in Europe as an exchange student, Gidget returns home to California only to discover that things have changed. Release Dates Alone with Kahuna, Gidget tries to make Kahuna take her virginity. | Soon she's accepted and given the nickname "Gidget". Her plan backfires when the surfer she hired pawns the job off on none other than Moondoggie, unaware that he was the one Gidget wanted to make jealous. An unsophisticated young woman from the Mississippi swamps falls in love with an unconventional southern gentleman. The two return to the beach to find Kahuna tearing down his beach shack and find out that he's taken a job as an airline pilot. View production, box office, & company info. Gidget's father, having heard about the incident decides to take over control of her social life, and orders her not to see the surfer gang again. Francine Lawrence (Sandra Dee) is about to turn 17 and is on her summer break between her junior and senior years of high school. | Gidget (film) Gidget is a 1959 American CinemaScope comedy film. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Was this review helpful to you? It's easy to see why she was so popular and such an idol to teenage girls in the sixties. (1959). She can persuade her parents to allow them a journey to Rome, together with two of her and two of his friends. She's fascinated of his sport and starts to hang out with his clique. [3][4] It stars Sandra Dee, James Darren, Cliff Robertson, Arthur O'Connell and The Four Preps. Use the HTML below. With Sandra Dee, James Darren, Cliff Robertson, Arthur O'Connell. The cops are called to break up the fight between Kahuna and Moondoggie and, after leaving the beach house, they find Gidget stranded with a flat tire and without her driver's license. Kahuna later reflects on Gidget's words after the death of his only friend, the pet bird. Gidget is a 1959 American CinemaScope comedy film. A History of Surf Culture by Drew Kampion; The Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warshaw; and Riding Giants a documentary film by Stacy Peralta – to name just three) as the single biggest factor in the mainstreaming of surfing culture in the United States.[5][6]. Although they make fun of her at first, they teach her to surf. Moondoggie admires Kahuna and wants to emulate him by joining Kahuna in working his way on a freighter to go surfing in Peru at summer's end, instead of going to university as his self-made father plans. A young girl discovers surfing and love (in that order) during one transitive summer. There's nothing wrong with that. Joan Howell, a young and pretty maid-for-hire, meets and begins dating wealthy New York City businessman Tom Milford. I may only be a simple 21-year-old boy from cincinnati, but I really enjoy and appreciate older films like this. Kahuna and Gidget enjoy each other's company, with Gidget questioning how he can survive an aimless and lonely existence without a job. Certificate: Passed In the end, her father arranges a date for Gidget with Jeffrey Matthews that Frances grudgingly accepts. Maybe I'm being slightly sentimental, but to me GIDGET is a beautiful coming-of-age story that can still teach the teenagers of today a valuable lesson about first love. Francie also rejects her parents wishing to fix her up on a date with the son of a friend of the family, Jeffrey Matthews (James Darren). She's on the screen for most of the film's 95minutes, and she's an absolute joy to watch for the film's entire running. GIDGET actually has a story to tell. In 1987, Gidget was spoofed in the off-Broadway play Psycho Beach Party. For those of you who didn't already know it, GIDGET was played by the beautiful young Sandra Dee who was a hot item in her day. [9] Rose Marie Reid designed all of the women's swimsuits in the film.[10]. Gidget is credited by numerous sources (Stoked! At home, Francie importunes her parents for $25 for a used surfboard. / ... Rather than reprising his off-Broadway "Chicklet" role for the film, Busch created and appeared as a new character for the production called Monic Stark, a female police officer. Hoping to make Moondoggie jealous, Gidget hires one of the other surfers in the gang to be her date to a luau party on the beach. This would be Upton's sole contribution to the Gidget canon. 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