Systems are more complex than people (Johnson 92). Johnson also details how the average person helps reinforce the patriarchy by avoiding questioning the status quo. a long, hard and unflinchingly honest look at how patriarchy works.”— In the past, the term "the system" has been used as an umbrella, scapegoat term used whenever injustices are brought into question and blame needs to be … In terms of patriarchy, these parts are the different standards and ideals that patriarchy upholds. Johnson's article, Patriarchy the System: An It, Not a He, a Them, or an Us aims to identify the relationship between individuals, their behavior, social structure and the male-dominated society in which we all participate. Reading this article “Patriarchy, the System” by Allan G. Johnson gave me a broader understanding of the word patriarchy, and the system from which it stems. Within a system there are different parts the come together to form a whole. . "All men and all women are therefore involved in this oppressive system, and none us can control whether we participate, only how." . Patriarchy is a system of inequality organized around gender categories It doesn't just affect the relationship between men and women but rather relationships with in genders Who is involved in Patriarchy? Patriarchy, A system by Allan G. Johnson Socialization: Citations We learn how to participate in social life through our families, school, religion, mass media, etc., Johnson defines patriarchy, and in doing so addresses the common misconceptions and stereotypes that people In The Gender Knot, Allan Johnson explains how the sexism that people experience is a direct result of the patriarchal structure of our society. He dissects the phenomenon that men can be both privileged and made to feel powerless by the patriarchy… One part in particular that I found interesting is where Johnson explains that the core of patriarchy is “a set of symbols and ideas that make up a culture embodied by everything from the content of everyday conversation to literature … The three facets of patriarchy are male centered, male identified, and male dominated. Summary of Johnson and Frye. He explains how men directly benefit from patriarchy, and that they must contribute to the feminist movement by addressing their own male privilege. He argues that people tend to generalize and attach the term patriarchy with men, and therefore come to the conclusion that all men are oppressive people. Johnson's premise -- that the "patriarchy" is not so much about benefiting all men at the expense of all women as it is about a culture of control -- is mind-expanding and crucial if we are to move forward as a society, and as a species, toward a sustainable, joyful way of living together on this planet. In the article “Patriarchy, the System”, Allan Johnson defines patriarchy, and in doing so addresses the common misconceptions and stereotypes that people inaccurately identify with the term. Also patriarchy is not just driven by men, women can also play a role in its continuation. “allan Johnson has written one of the best, most readable, and most com-prehensive accounts of patriarchy that is available in print.” —Paula rothenberg, editor of Race, Class, and Gender in the United States “This is a brilliant accounting of patriarchy .

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