Not all butchers charge a skinning and gutting fee. They raise their cattle on grass fields, open ranges, and mountain hillsides. Also, I don’t know about you, but right now, I can’t always find meat at the store due to increased demand. So if you’re a steak or roast eater, buying a cow is absolutely worth the savings. If you’re buying a whole cow, you’re buying the whole cow quite literally and different parts of the cow yield different kinds of meat. Feeder Steers, Kansas Combined Auction Weighted Average 500-600 Lb. $4.95 sounds like a lot per hanging weight pound when only a year ago you paid $2 per pound. Some butchers will also pay a travel or transport fee and others will charge extra if you want the hide kept. Every year, I see ads on Craigslist or in the classifieds about extra land that’s available for grazing animals on. + Veterinary – Any vaccinations, dewormer, other medications, veterinary bills. You’ll have one year to consume it if it’s vacuum sealed and put in a chest freezer. Overview; Documentation; Related Topics. Feeder Steers, Kansas Combined Auction Weighted Average 700-800 Lb. Get our hand-picked (and verified) deals on the products you love. $0.45-$1.00 per hanging pound. For example, according to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association publication entitled “Beef Cut: Primal and Sub primal Weights and Yields,” the round typically makes up 22% of the hot carcass weight. Kroger: $6.99-$7.99/pound, Half-cow finished cut: $6.36-$8.57/pound This is because of the extra time required by the butcher. The University of Tennessee Extension service has a great factsheet that estimates the carcass cutting yield and how much product the customer can expect at The smaller the percentage of the cow purchased, the higher the cost per pound. That means that all the stuff on the cow you don’t eat, like entrails, hooves, etc. When you’re shopping for a cow, the price per pound you see on a farm’s website will be based on the hanging weight, which refers to the unfinished cuts of meat on a cow. Because ranchers offer a lump sum price on the hanging weight of the cow or half-cow. Example: 160 lbs x $3.65 = $584. This means you’ll lose 20-40% of the cow (and nobody is crying too hard about this — it’s the head and entrails). Discounts are applied to the ending total in the fall. + Advertising – Cost of acquiring a customer. %%EOF This year, we are going to estimate the average hanging weight of the steers at 750 lbs. 342 Waters HallManhattan, KS 66506(785), Click the "Add to Favorites" to add that page to your favorites list, Agricultural Economics - Kansas State University, Monthly Export Meat Demand Indices [USDA/BLS Data], Monthly Domestic Meat Demand Indices [USDA/BLS Data], Monthly Meat Demand Monitor [Survey Data], Marketing Strategies and Livestock Pricing, Total 2014 Farm Bill Kansas ARC-CO Payments, Total 2014 Farm Bill National ARC-CO Payments, Western Kansas Direct Slaughter Steer Basis, National Lean Hog Basis (Listed by month), Nebraska Combined Auction Weighted Average 500-600 Lb. Those kids still want to make some money off their cows so buying a cow that didn’t qualify helps them out. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. (Breakeven + Profit) / Carcass weight = price per pound. There are several costs involved in butchering a steer. When all is said and done, to purchase and butcher a cow will cost you between $6.50-$9.00 per final pound of beef. Beef Pricing Example: Avg. Cutting yield will be influenced by boneless vs. bone in product, muscling, amount of fat needed to be trimmed, and amount of fat in ground beef. hanging weight ($3.40/lb. By Dr. Glynn Tonsor ( and Amber Oerly ( This question is on all of our minds right now because we are trying to limit trips to the grocery store during the novel coronavirus pandemic. But hey, if you download the KCL app, you’ll be the first to know about any meat deals our teams see! They are usually about $50 a calf. For a full analysis of how much a cow costs, check out this article on the costs of a cow, which covers age, weight, type, and gender of the cow and the costs associated with each. Processing prices are based on Jensen's Jan. 2020 prices and may increase in the future. 824 0 obj <> endobj Just enter your email below to join our list, Proposed new EU regulations on veterinary medicines, which would see some being designated as…, Teagasc vets and researchers are undertaking a research project to establish baseline data on the health, welfare and behaviour of Irish calves undergoing…, Food Drink Ireland (FDI) has published new economic analysis that details the need for urgent support measures for the sector as it faces…, The agricultural terms of trade index was 8.6% higher in September 2020 compared to the same month of 2019, according to the Central…, As the housing period has commenced for animals, it is important for farmers to compose and implement a strategic herd health plan in…, As the dark evenings are now upon us and weather taking a change for the worst, winter has well and truly set in.…, The Irish Charolais Cattle Society hosted its November sale of pedigree registered bulls on Saturday (November 7) in Tullamore Mart. A gassy pony can be more than a little awkward if you are in public, but it can also signal a variety of issues with your horse’s intestinal tract. A beef yearling will cost about $700 and will be based on weight. + Transport – Fuel, wear and tear on truck and trailer. In the rural areas where there are more butchers and farmers, the processing fee averages between $0.46-$0.65 per hanging pound weight. A half-cow purchase typically includes: You don’t have to buy the whole cow in order to get meat directly from the farm. For more regarding considerations and requirements for marketing meat from locally grown livestock directly to consumers, see this recent presentation on the subject: Thank you, your email will be added to the mailing list once you click on the link in the confirmation email. When it comes to beef price per pound, expect to pay $4.45-$6 per pound (hanging weight). 10/13/2020: 11/12/2020: Retail prices for beef, pork, poultry cuts, eggs, and dairy products: 10/13/2020: 11/12/2020: Summary of retail prices and price spreads: 10/13/2020: 11/12/2020: Historical monthly price spread data for beef, pork, broilers: 2/28/2020: 3/1/2021: Meat Price Spreads. endstream endobj 825 0 obj <. Hi, I’m Annemaria. After the blood, hide and inedible parts are cleaned from the carcass, what’s left is the hanging weight. BestFarmAnimals is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to How much does it cost to butcher a steer? The prices shown are in pence per kilogram and based on a UK dressing specification. Often the cost to “rent” the land is minimal or may include only the cost of the fencing to keep your cows contained. This can be alarming-especially if you don’t know what causes it or how to treat it. Cutting yield = (Pounds of retail product/carcass weight) *100. Once the carcass cutting yield is known, the average price per pound required to reach a target profit can be calculated. Profit margin can be flat rate per head or a percentage of the cost of production. If you raise the cow yourself, it will cost between $5.00-$6.50 a pound. If you raise a 100% grass-fed cow, then you will need to plan on it taking a little longer to fatten the cow. Dressing percentage can vary depending on gut fill, muscling, fatness and cleanliness of the hide. With this number you can compare prices with what you’d buy at the grocery store. I moved out to the country 3 years ago, mainly so I could have more land. %PDF-1.6 %���� beef sticks, jerky, sausage or other special processing usually adds extra costs. If you’re only interested in ground beef, this can be a great option. Approx. If you already have enough acreage to grass-feed a cow, then you won’t have as much additional cost. Shop the hottest deals from the comfort of your home! This cost depends on what part of the country you live in. Hormone-free beef costs more than that and the nicer cuts of beef are as much as $12.00 a pound at the store. h�bbd```b``: "W�� �""ٵA$[ ����\� �SDr�� r�;�4W �8��f��w�m@�oؖ�x�����������8H(C&�����o T Additionally, there is a lot of comfort in knowing everything that went into your food. When you buy specific cuts of meat from a farm, you’ll pay more like you would at the grocery store. If you plan to purchase a cow instead of raising it, then you will need to purchase it from a rancher. If a half-cow averages 240 pounds of hanging meat, that’s 144-185 lbs. Overview; Documentation; Related Topics. Purchase the cow earlier in the spring and plan on butchering in October or just before the snow comes. This cost can be higher if the cow is considered an organically raised cow. Rarely should direct marketed retail beef be cheaper than that in the retail meat case. These costs include estimates for both hay and grain feeding for 90 days. If you need to purchase grain or rent acreage, then it will cost more to raise a cow to full weight. Many people choose to purchase a cow because they want to control what the cow eats, how it lives, and because they know the quality of the beef in their freezer. You will have to pay a fee to him for raising it, but depending on what he charges, it may be less than the final cost of purchasing a fully-grown steer. Feeder Steers, So. Price includes cutting, vacuum-sealed packaging, and freezing. Purchasing hay will increase your costs to about $1,000 a year per cow in feed costs. If you purchase a whole cow, the cost per pound is generally lower than if you purchase a half or a quarter of the cow. Often, the customer will want an idea of what the final price per pound is going to be before the animal is harvested in order to make purchasing and storage decisions.

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