Therefore, he had to establish the kind of culture that made his team want to achieve a top tier standing as much as he did. Roueche, Baker III, and Rose, (2014) suggest that a transformational leader is able to engage the follower in a manner that allows communication of needs to be reciprocal in nature. Unless you have a rhetorical intention, it would be pointless to ask anyone today about familiarity with Amazon or Microsoft. Your email address will not be published. It's ... Microsoft  is the wealthiest and most successful organisation around the world. This approach has led to the staff coming up with ne… His social network includes the like of Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg. These attributes provide a sense of belonging for the followers as they can easily identify with the leader and its. Just like leadership there are good leaders and bad leaders, depending how good of a leader they are will affect their followers. ©  2020 Lee Chambers | Environmental Psychologist | Wellbeing Consultant. Bill Gates’ Transformational Leadership Style Being successful and rich at a young age is every teenager’s dream, but so few of them actually do something about it. Bill Gates’ Transformational Leadership Style Being successful and rich at a young age is every teenager’s dream, but so few of them actually do something about it. Talking of transformation leadership in the 21 st century will always seek out Bill Gates as a measure of this leadership style. Leadership Styles of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Introduction In this assignment contrasting leadership style of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs has been analyzed and main features of the style have been described. More experiments result in more exceptional innovations. Bill Gates is a visionary to begin with, which encourages him to dream big not only for … For example, in a 2015 interview conducted by Fortune magazine, Bezos explained that experiments play a crucial role in innovation because they rarely meet expectations. To this end, you must realise that there is an individual behind each team member. It is centered on shared values and aspirations in which a leader invests his/her time and emotions into his/her followers or members. Bill Gates' leadership style expects hard … Other companies mostly focus on better manufacturing t... Organisation: Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Type of Organisation: Non-profit Organisation Polio Strategy Overview  Goals:  To er... Gates demonstrated the characteristic of a charismatic leader as before his recently developed software company had only one employee, Gates had a vision that signify his leadership in the future.

He often trades spots with Jeff Bezos as the richest person in the world.

Followership has always been looked down upon, but now is the time to see what they can do and help them grow into leaders. This is further supported by the transformational theory in which the leader should engages with their members and them able to create a better relationship that results in motivation in both followers and leaders. Talking of transformation leadership in the 21stcentury will always seek out Bill Gates as a measure of this leadership style. Is University Hard? Root (2010) wrote that the great leaders keep their teams focused on the task at hand, but at the same time, they help the staff to see the big picture and the organizations goals. We see visionary leaders everywhere.

To be a transformational leader, one must practice the four pillars of a successful leader: charismatic communication style, vision, successful implementation of a vision and individual consideration. These are two companies with reputations that precede them. Bill Gates, on other hand, dropped out of school and pursued his dream, which he could not do when confined within the classroom. In my point of view, I think that Bill Gates has the characteristic of a great leader because he led his team to success, not only using his style of leadership but also he encourages his team to set an optimum goal and achieve that goal. If one does not maximise on innate ability, then a failure has occurred. The Philosophy of Transformational Leadership

Bill Gates follows Autocratic Leadership since he is competent and knowledgeable enough to decide about each and everything. For Gates, it is a simple process. Usually, charismatic leaders not only inspire their followers but also their opponents as well.

According to Grant (2012) transformational leadership is a philosophy that conveys a vision and creates action for change that focuses followers’ awareness on their contributions and mission accomplishment. Moreover, they give examples from the lives and actions of former charismatic leaders to rationalize their own actions. Communication Style: Bill Gates's Transformational Leadership Style, Bill Gates’ Transformational Leadership Style. Observers in world reckon that Gates’ success was not an epitome of luck; he worked tirelessly to … Attaining this requires both an understanding and proper execution of effective transformational leadership. While the nature and potentially the corporate culture of the two businesses defer, there is unmistakably strong leadership at the helm of each.

When used correctly, this leadership style is a critical ingredient in achieving desired objectives, through the motivation of all involved in the process. Before being a Transformational leader he was also known for his strict following in the chain of command. Shamir et al. Those whom you lead must feel empowered and relevant to your process. Bill Gates. Regardless of any hurdles that occur on the road to achieving it, your energy and dedication can never waver, since the team continually has its eyes on you. Thus, a person who inspires others and makes them follow his instructions is called a leader. The charismatic leadership style relies on the charm and persuasiveness of the leader. Transformational leaders are known to be passionate and are able to articulate their vison to motivate followers. According to J.Anne, Hubpages, Gates also regarded reflection and self analysis as an important aspects of leadership and followership. Bill Gates’ Transformational Leadership Style Being successful and rich at a young age is every teenager’s dream, but so few of them actually do something about it. Gates had maintained his charismatic characteristic but later on he changed his charismatic features from vision to a more of transformational approach as he clearly demonstrated attention to a basic value system in his organisation.

Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Some of the renowned Transactional Leaders are Bill Gates, Norman Schwarzkopf, Vince Lombardi, and Howard Schultz. Bill Gates Exclusive Interview - Chairman of Microsoft.

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