they take the most internet bandwight: streaming movies = internet downloads.

2018 will be the end for PS3. Time to move to PC then, free online play and way more games available (PC exclusives that will never reach consoles, Microsoft games and now Sony titles).

They exist. It is not exactly the same as Backwards Compatibility. Perhaps check your modem is up to date and has the correct bonding channels and frequency…. Lo que pasa es que intentó jugar la pes con mi hermano de España y Yo soy de colombia y no podemos jugar y nos tira a que compremos el juego, pero yo ya lo tengo, que debo hacer para poder jugar con el ?

But since the ps3's are connected to the internet Sony will be able to see how many ps3's are online and purchasing content. Much appreciated and very well thought out. I don’t buy it. Xbox is doing it through virtual machines and emulation. That didn't seem like a legit answer.

35 votes, 55 comments. People would riot like crazy. Now our consoles are connected and always updating. – NO PS2-Backwards-Compatibility

Also got Demento/ Haunting Ground on the PSN Store.

But you still take 9€ per month from us !!!! Please try again later.

What year do you predict that will happen? so your speeds which are already crap are going to get slower?wonderful….. Sid Shuman PS3 super slim console is still being made by Sony and games are still being released for PS3. What games are still alive and …

That’s never been the case and nor will it be the case with the Series X. Playstation Network started charging their customers back in 2014 haha, where you been lol. First, TurkishFlavor didn’t say ANY game.

Here's hoping I get at least another two years to play on it. Besides, seriously, Backwards Compatibility can be neat, but are you really chomping at the bit to spend all that money on a PS5, at launch, just so you can play The Last Of Us 2 when you can play it on a PS4 already? User Info: M_A_R_I_O_Bros. While MS’s BC library for 360 and OG is nowhere near complete, it’s still hundred and hundreds of 360 titles available. I don’t understand how PS players celebrate when an exclusive game go to PC. @Telekill: We all getting old. (the warrior B ).

- YouTube Really not that big of a deal. Group Manager, Brand Licensing, James Stevenson If PS3 was on its last leg, then the free PS3 games would have stopped at this point. It is a perfectly competent HD streaming device.

Are you all stupid or something ?! I think it would be smart if sony treated it how Microsoft treats windows. I’m afraid you will drop below 56 kbps at this point. SIE has no plans for a PS5 as of now. Even when it was just HAN people were using HAN activated and going online issue free. However, the games have significant amounts of online gameplay, so from 31st March 2020, functionality will be affected in the … New World Order, black nobility, blue beam project, ultra mk, population control, freemasonry, other secret brotherhoods. When will the PS3 store shut down?

I believe that Pro Evolution Soccer still comes out on PS2 in Europe and in South America. Man, I feel old.

Stay strong, and play on.

PS3 will still be getting games until 2018. Would it ever get to a point where our PSN account is not accessible on a PlayStation? Thanks for your feedback. Titles from smaller developers still come out on PS3 as well.

The only option there is to include a cell in the PS5, but they won’t because it would make the console $600.

Yeah right, as if there should be any cost either way.

Playstation Network started charging their customers back in 2014 haha, where you been lol.

Not very many but PS3 is still supported. Everything dies with time in the days of the internet. There was an error processing your request. For what it’s worth, your PS+ subscription isn’t paying for game downloads. The PS3 library is quite large despite the claim of the system having "no games" for half of its life cycle. Players may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads but will still enjoy robust gameplay. One has to wonder what happens to all the old working consoles that people upgrade from.

I don’t know why Netflix and Google are doing it too.

Will the PS Store always be available? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Sorry that didn't help.

“please try again later”

This flu is killing more elderly people and people who don’t sunbathe .The sun from 12:00 pm to 12:15 am devotes vitamin DA sony is in the mood to prepare livestock for the year 2021.

This is LIE! hoy en estos días que tanto lo necesita ya que tiene que estar dentro de casa y sin salir, me indigna verlo por que no puede usar su Play, por favor necesito una solución, no somos una familia de altos recursos, lo cual son limitados y mas en estos tiempo que no puedo salir a trabajar y traer el dinero que necesito para vivir cada día, al menos quiero ver a mi hijo usar lo que tanto nos costo y no que esta ahi como si nada, yo no pude tener juegos en mi adolescencias ni en mi adultes, solo espero no ofender a nadie con mi comentario pero es el único medio en el cual puedo expresar mi angustia, atentamente juan carlos diaz padre de Gabriel Benjamín Diaz.

There are only about 30 original Xbox games available on Xbox One, for example. Star Ocean 5 was originally developed for the PlayStation 3 and came out for the system in Japan. How do I play games online?

De-CIX says it has enough bandwidth. We appreciate the support and understanding from our community, and their doing their part, as we take these measures in an effort to preserve access for everyone. Sony usually stops support of a system once said system becomes two generations old. People underestimated PlayStation 3, and now a lot of people are starting to go through the backlog of titles that the hardcore user base used to bang the drum about so often. Enserio quiero ayudarte, mi horario es 3 horas mas temprano asi que puedes comunicarte sin problemas aunque sea tarde para ti y hare lo posible por echarte la mano.

The internet may be the factor. PlayStation fans need to come to grips with that. The online store component is where Coolyfett's curiosity remains. Hope that we will see more of this going forward, and not just in time of crisis.

I plan to move to pc soon when I finish my games because they go on sale many times a year and they are actually cheaper than console. ha ha ha. It's not like the days of Gen 3 4 and 5 when your console connected to just your TV and power outlet.

there is no need to do this not everyone owns a playststion . Thank you for trying to do the right thing, I’ll only be downloading 2-3 updates during the time that this is on and if it needs to be extended further I will happily accept it :). So running HFW with HEN inactive is safe then? PlayStation Vue, PS Music, Movies on Demand from the PS store will still get updated. Not very many but PS3 is still supported.

will they ever need to stop allowing PS3s (and vitas) access PSN for buying stuff? We can’t do anything because it happened over a month ago. Ya te mande una solicitud de amistad a esta cuenta en la que escribes.

NES also did it with Mario Bros 3.

Persojet is going with Megabytes, while you’re you’re using the acronym and using Megabits. And as I see that things are going, I will think very well about buying your future console (PS5) because if the same thing is going to happen with this one.

That is inarguable, but stop spreading the lie that you can play all old Xbox games. It's crazy to think that a 10+ year old system can run something like FFXIV.

@BadFlounder, Respectfully you were completely wrong. Where do I find my AC4 preorder bonus content or from the Illustrious Pirates DLC?

i always had 5mb download speed on ps4 for years while I get 300mb on Xbox. I just do not see Sony pulling the plug on PS3 anytime soon. filters just get applied depending on the device.

But also prepare yourself for a PS4 or PC if you want to continue playing (if you fall in love with the game anyway). as i understand it its the same service regardless of device.

The problem is that while Sony cares greatly about those very few people doing bad things, they have shown no willingness to support the millions that invested in PS3 digital and physical titles. Currently PS3 is still active and being made, only discontinued in New Zealand this year. @Persojet you may need to speak to your isp, make sure you have the correct modem and hardwired. I think I heard that using one of their idps will get you into their respective psn stores. And I mean really BIG.

No they haven’t Turkishflavor.

Sony has announced that it will soon end production of the console in Japan, (August 2017). And games are still being sold for it.

Thanks for your feedback.

why and what does it cost them? Also, since this is the North American PS Blog and you’re likely in the US or Canada, this download change speed does not yet apply to US/Canada. They will resolve this like they did for me. what a shill really, what about netflix and all streaming platforms are they gonna do the same?

so would it be a huge expense to continue to allow older PS consoles access PSN basically indefinately? How about we get some BIG discounts on some games. i have a download at 500 Mo/s by fiber (not 500Mb/s) and 1 month ago, download max at 5Mo/s with playstore….

I just do not see Sony pulling the plug on PS3 anytime soon. What are the supported controllers for Just Dance 2018?

On XBOX multi generational Backwards

Understanding ? This is a terrible thing to do to someone.

Enjoy. As long as people are still playing PS3 games, the system will continue to receive support. The Ratchet PS3 games were glossed over to a degree as well. All Rights Reserved.

Show us games. Nice work Sony.

Stop hysteria.

this suck specialy whe resdent evil 3 remake is coming out no need just do it in there country. Two cash cows are better than one. Owning a PS3 hasn't stopped me buying a PS4 or any of its games, so I guess there's no real reason for Sony to drop the PS3.

You can voice chat, play games, stream video without PS+.

Unless you play online multiplayer you really don’t need it. What makes you say that?

Google it. How does it work? My feeling is that Persona 5 will be the last game for it, next releases will only be EA sports game each year. Meaning don't abandon the console/software out right when so many people still use it. Are there any changes on these games’ Club Benefits? Once PS4 drops down to $200, then the PS3 will be discontinued.

Many gamers resent when gamers continue to play older systems because they think it holds technology back.

You can put the disc in for any game not on that list and it simply won’t work.

I don't have the cash to put down on a PS4, or PS Plus, but still wish to play games online.

FIFA 2019 should be the last PS3 game. The sad bit is this proves how essential physical is and sadly seems the Royal Mail is getting fed up of having to deliver games and such and are classing it as “junk mail” so its a darned if you do or don’t situation, gaming for me is a way of coping due to my depression (and other issues) and I have 2 physical orders incoming in the next few weeks and will be telling them how much I appreciate them delivering the games and other things I have on order due to to keeping myself going especially in such a hard and trying time. I do not have an ethernet cable but I have a Wireless Router inside my house.

Call it what you want but money I am paying for these services has to also be earned somewhere, you know. I hope you understand my disagreement with you.

Understandable. Book of Enoch. The grand prize winner will take home the console and game.

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