Looking for something to watch? The animated series was produced by Toei Animation. Mr. Brighton takes her to the horse races at Epsom and they learn that Pony Flash, one of Tom's horses, rides the next race. As the shock begins to subside, Dr. Leonard gets right to the heart of the matter for the reason of Candy's loss of her work: Candy's dysfunctional relationship with the Leagan family. Candy decides not to postpone her leaving. When Eliza learns of Anthony's plans, she informs great-aunt Elroy who charges Candy with the mission to dissuade Anthony on a visit out of fear for injury. When Albert lies about not knowing Neil, he realizes that their living arrangement is most awkward and cannot last after he declares himself healed. Terry vows that he will always be true to himself and invites Candy to dance. Merry Jane picks the more decisive sounding Franny. Eliza challenges Candy into a recital. The Ardley family buries Alistear and is stricken by his loss. Candy now lives at the Ardley estate, together with the Cornwell brothers and Anthony and a closet full of dresses given by great-aunt Elroy. None of these have been subsequently reissued. But Archibald and Annie continue to Chicago in order to use their own ties to protect Candy's work. Unbeknownst to Candy, Terry is on that carriage, deep in thought, looking in her direction but never hearing or even seeing her. The door closes behind her, and Candy's only way out is a rope and dangerous rappel while holding on to Annie's suitcase. While she attempts to write to Miss Pony, images of Terry wander around in her mind. He taunts her and calls her cry-baby. Susanna runs off in tears, refusing to renounce her love for him in the face of neither Candy or any other woman. When Mr. Brighton visits Pony's Home to hold a barbecue in the garden for all the orphans, Annie realizes Mr. Brighton has ulterior motives. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Two abandoned girls, Candy White and Annie, grow up as the best of friends at Pony's Home - an old church and orphanage run by Miss Pony and Sister Mary. Eliza uses it to set up a night meeting for Candy and Terry in the stables. Once there, Candy takes over from Franny and accepts with patience Franny's reproof of her being so irresponsible to chase after relatives that cannot be found. At the audition, Eleanor Baker slips in to watch her son, who has to audition his part with Karen Kreiss as Juliet, while - much to her dismay - Susanna must audition for Juliet with Cary Grant as Romeo. While Candy recognizes that Franny is made of the same austere wood as Merry Jane, she fails to understand why Franny would hate her so. While Candy kept strong all the way to the train station, Candy's emotions soon unravel into despair over losing her dream about Terry once aboard the train. Candy discovers Annie's hiding place, a cave, but realizes Archibald should talks with her. Seeing the sense in that, Candy prepares to leave and accepts Mr. Carson's letter of introduction to his friend Juskin in Southampton. If he could, he would come down himself and help Albert as well. He was brought to St Joanna Hospital, because the only two things he repeated over and over was America and Chicago. Japanese whit English subtitles only 2000 minutes. Alistear offers her a lift in his car. So, Terry volunteers to leave the Academy in Candy's place and he will go by another name from now on. But just then a motorist arrives out of nowhere, seizes Candy and Klint, and rushes off at a fast pace into the sunrise. They explain to Candy that Cookie had slept while on night watch and the 'Sea Gull' was almost run over by a cruise ship, and so Cookie was punished for endangering the lives of the whole crew. Candy overhears Juskin with his crew grousing about their sour economic fortunes and making crass jokes about kidnapping pretty girls and selling them for money. When Anthony does not want to see Candy, she is sure that everybody believes the worst of her. At the impressive Brighton hunting lodge they get dry and fine clothes, barbecue shish-kebabs and are invited to ride the horse.

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