Not offensive at all and compliment magnet. A pepper note that is so faint you'd miss it and begins to transform into this almost vanilla drydown. Smells clean, fresh and its very pleasent for everyone around you. 10/10, Beautiful, fresh, compliment-getter. It has been in my cart on Saks 5th for days contemplating if I will click the final button to check out. It smells good and last a good while. Chanel Allure Homme Sport gives you a delicious burst of Chanel's signature aldehydes and creamy fresh mandarin orange. Their scent are similar but AHS is more creamy from tonka bean. Almost to where your nose will be fooled into thinking you are smelling a non existent note. There is nothing to like about this fragrance. And it goes pretty much the same through the end which is 4-5 hours. Chanel does a pretty spot-on job of describing their fragrances: This is so gorgeous. Every CHANEL fragrances are like diamonds.It takes a few minutes to get the whole gamma of the colours inside of each fragrance.Allure Sport plays with your senses and teaches you about quality of the fragrance,the versatile fragrance.Althogh including soft components,the fragrance feels very strong ,fresh and masculine.It is not usual sport fragrance,it has character,imagination and presense,all that through being true and modest.Chanel doesn't have to prove anything.It goes for quality,intellect and reputation.It gets adjusted to your skin,to your mood and to your senses.Men who like quality and luxury,will truely appreciate this.It will cost you more but what you see that what you get.Chanel and Dior are classics ,and will always stay that way. Longevity for me it’s amazing, smell like fresh sporty aquatic orange with the creaminess from the tonka and vanilla. If there's cream there, it's non-dairy creamer, and not heavy whipping cream. I have Versace pour homme and heard about the similarities but I don't find them similar at all. Smells almost indescribable. I have some sample leftovers from this one. is summer in the bottle . And that last statement is what I leave this review on. It smells really good and is a sexy perfume! A question to the seasoned fragrance-heads. I would pick this over plenty of fragrances. This fragrance is nothing special, mix of Tommy Hillfinger Tommy and ADG. Currently, the Best Perfume on Earth of present times ! Here in India, it is very difficult to find Chanel fragrances, that too genuine ones. Great summertime fragrance! This is really a deceiving fragrance in many ways. Overall, whether they are usually creating precedent, or rarely following it, they still manage to put an indelible "Chanel stamp" of thoughtful refinement on everything they do, and Chanel Allure Homme Sport (2004) is no different. The opening is a little strong with sea notes with a hint of citrus (orange). One of the best openings you can smell , a blast of citrous and cream . Freshly squeezed orange juice on a summer beach. My bottle of Chanel AHS (batch 3401 October 2018) arrived today, my second Chanel blind buy after the fab Bleu de Chanel Parfum which I got a week ago. I floated away into this sparkling, ethereal orange creamsicle cloud and I remember thinking, "Nothing can possibly smell this good.". He calls it cheat code :). This is a perfect smell,one of the most beautiful of Chanel. Lovingly cozy. It’s good, but it’s not wowing me. Moreover, the ladies love that Allure Homme DNA (the original and all of the flankers) and this one is no exception since it generates unsolicited complements. It is very very non offensive and will impress most people. Of course opinions on a scent is a very personal thing. But projection is gone with in 2 hours. Passing the 5 hour mark, the base notes are very close to the skin. @luisrosales64 Who cares what that fraud has to say lol. To me this is not worth the $$. Makes you feel fresh. The best analogy I can give is between Acqua di Gio and Perry Ellis 360 Red. Sporty, creamy, clean and classy! Plus my skin amplifies sweetness like the vanilla, tonka and orange in this. Once I smelled this, I literally forgot about Bleu Chanel. Inoffensive, but also not very noticeable. Creamier version of Versace Pour Homme. If I'm quite honest this fragrance is just a big splash of citrus in your face. This Juice made me perfume collector and addict. Scent and performance are worth the price you pay at department stores (be aware there are lots of fakes/knockoffs out there). A great male perfume, my head turns whenever I smell a whiff of this! It lasts well into the afternoon in our typically hot summers and the projection is also acceptable.

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