These tolerance vary from organisation. MIS is a computerised system: It is possible to have a MIS without using a computer. Following are the key characteristics of MIS: System approach: MIS follows the system approach, which implies a step by step approach to the study of system and its performance in the light of the objective for which it has been constituted. MIS is the acronym for Management Information Systems. In this article, we are going to learn about the characteristics of Management Information System (M.I.S.). In the sixties and seventies it was instrumental in providing information which helped in management decision-making just like it provides today. Characteristics of MIS # 13. MIS uses established quality criteria: A management information system must be designed to the required tolerances for timelines relevance and accuracy of information. Submitted by IncludeHelp, on March 21, 2018 . Today MIS runs on advanced computer networks with wireless connectivity with hugely advanced software tools but the broad characteristics of MIS have remained the same. Read Complete (What is MIS?) Characteristics of MIS # 12. MIS is a set of procedures which, when executed, provides information to support decision making.

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