DOOP In DC Universe Rebirth #1, the enigmatic Mr. Oz told this Superman, "You and your family are not what you believe you are. (Barry Allen). These might've been common themes or even a complete storyline, similar to a Fifth-Week Event. 1 rassemble les 2 équipes des titres les plus vendeurs de l’époque, les X-Men (après la Saga du Phénix Noir) et les Teen Titans (avant The Judas Contract). DC Comics has produced many crossover stories combining characters from different series of comics. Crossovers Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan must deal with the shocking revelation that Roy Harper has become a drug addict and do what they must to help him. Batman/Punisher : Lake of Fire a ceci de particulier qu’il ne met pas en scène Bruce Wayne mais son remplaçant de l’époque, Jean-Paul Valley. To kick off its plan to use the radioactive milk of psychic cows to take the edge off the World's Greatest Heroes, RetConn has gone all the way to the top. Most Marvel/DC crossovers are focused on two popular heroes, but one of their best offerings starred two of their biggest and most powerful cosmic threats: Galactus and Darkseid. When The Flash attempts to change time and save his mother from death, he alters history dramatically. Une suite de cette aventure, cette fois écrite par Marv Wolfman et George Pérez, respectivement les auteur et artiste de New Teen Titans, a été prévue mais a été annulée après l’échec du projet suivant. * Armageddon 2001 (1991) In the 1990s, Annuals had crossover events. The final battle between Batman and the Joker will be all-out war across Gotham CIty. Le président et chef de la direction de la CW, Mark Pedowitz a révélé lors d'une conférence de presse sur les Upfronts, ce jeudi 14 mai : "Le crossover annuel du Arrowverse ne se produira pas en décembre, mais cela se produira, espérons-le, au premier ou au deuxième trimestre de 2021. Quelques éléments de cette histoire seront cependant réutilisés dans le crossover JLA/WildCATS. L’histoire dépend beaucoup de votre attachement à ce fanatique religieux hanté par les visions de Saint Dumas… Le graphisme de Barry Kitson est plaisant mais limité par l’histoire. Perhaps the first relevant intercompany crossover occured in All-Star Comics Vol 1 3 Winter, 1940, where heroes from DC Comics and All-American Publications teamed up to defeat some villains as the Justice Society of America. STEPHANE LE TROËDEC, © Tous droits réservés - 2018 | Some of these are set in the fictional DC Universe, or any number of settings within the DC Multiverse. When he arrives in the Marvel Universe, the Grandmaster, wanting to save his universe, proposes that they play a game. Annual Crossovers En fonction des versions, les changements demandés sont minimes (selon DC) ou le scénario est inexploitable (selon Marvel). Nous parlons de faire Superman [& Lois] et Batwoman ensemble, avec beaucoup de personnages venant de de nos autres shows.". As a huge storm approaches, Batman, Batwoman and Nightwing try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare the heroes for the enormous monsters rampaging through the streets! Now the Task Force X aims to make him keep his word by planning to sink Atlantis. The shared Arrowverse has been on our screens for just over 6 years now and we’ve seen a total of four crossover events. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" a été le crossover le plus spectaculaire à ce jour et a réuni les 5 shows emblématiques du réseaux. ), but teaming up to fight Luthor and Doc Ock. There have been four promoted crossovers in that time and with the fifth on the way, new fans will want to know what order to view them in. Ce sera un événement plus petit que d'habitude. Elle répond, Arrowverse : Le prochain crossover aura lieu à Smallville. A series of issues consisting of the Bat-Family reacting to the death of Damian Wayne. Arrowverse : Le Spectre sera-t-il de retour ? Le classement des 20 superhéroïnes Marvel les plus sexy ! Make sure to vote up all the DC comic book story lines that are your favorite. This leads her to the city of Arcadia, where Ghost is doing an investigation of her own. Toutes ces tentatives ne sont pas des réussites : on se souviendra notamment du désastre de Deathmate qui fusionne les univers Image et Valiant. Rebellion has spread across the universe as former allies join forces with the Durlans, Khunds, and Outer Clans to overthrow the authority of the Corps. (Just take a look at how far apart the dates were in the beginning). A crossover between the Justice Society of America and Hawkman. Superman must aide Sarah and John Conner in their battle against Skynet. With the Man of Steel out of commission due to injuries, LexCorp and Project Cadmus' conflict spills over into the city streets. Zombies : 15 morts-vivants chez DC Comics, 3 scènes de la bande-annonce d’Infinity War qu’on ne voit pas dans le film. In December 2015, tensions between the various Robins will erupt into an all-out war. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Les fans de DC Comics attendent chaque année une interaction entre les super-héros du Arrowverse. L’artiste, Walt Simonson, a beaucoup travaillé sur les personnages créés par Jack Kirby (Thor, Orion ou les 4 Fantastiques) Ce one-shot est également la 1re apparition du « Source Wall » qui n’était qu’indirectement mentionné dans la série de Jack Kirby. C’est le résultat d’une campagne de promotion habilement menée par Marvel. Arrow S8 • Supergirl S5 • DC's Legends of Tomorrow S5 • Black Lightning S3 • Batwoman S1 • The Flash (CBS, set after its S1) • Birds of Prey (set after its S1) • Constantine (set after its S1) • Lucifer (set before its S1) • Superman Returns An Intercompany Crossover is a comics event where different characters or teams belonging to different comics companies meet each other, breaking the laws of their own separate continuities. Les plus grosses ventes sont les séries Batman et Punisher, ce sont donc ces héros qui sont choisis pour marquer cette nouvelle collaboration. First come the Dark Days, which give way to the Dark Nights, which give birth to the Dark Matter. Krona, an exiled Oan, travels across the Multiverse and destroys universes, seeking the truth of creation. A worldwide threat forces the members of the 99 and the Justice League to work together in order to save the planet. The apes of Gorilla City have declared open hostility on the rest of the world by using technology that can turn humans into apes. Nowadays, it seems that a new announcement or teaser for an upcoming DC Comics crossover happens on a monthly basis. Armageddon 2001 #1(May, 1991) There are even epic crossovers so big that they cause an entirely NEW DC universe like 52. Time Lord Victorious : la saga multiplateformes Doctor Who commence ! Batman and Catwoman get married! What happens when the Doom Patrol meets the Justice League of America? The imprint ended when the DC Universe and Marvel Universe were separated once more. But which has been the best crossover in DC Comics history? The crossover depicted the world's reaction to Superman's death in, The DC superheroes go up against alien parasites; new superheroes are created from some of their victims. Let us help you watch the DC crossover events. It used to be that it was a very rare occasion for fan favorite DC heroes to interact with each other in comic book stories. The Teen Titans, with the help of the Legion of Super-Heroes, face off against the metahuman-capturing group N.O.W.H.E.R.E., just as N.O.W.H.E.R.E's leader, Harvest, sets his long-awaited plan in motion. A Sun-Eater threatens life on Earth by devouring the Sun. With the help of super-powered friends like Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern and many more, Superman must lead the attack on Brainiac and protect Earth! Sue Dibny, the wife of superhero the Elongated Man, is murdered in their apartment. Welcome to the Official Site for DC. Doomsday hunts down Steel, Superboy, the Eradicator, and the Cyborg Superman.

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