These ideas, presented as entertainment, they lead to a change in our way of life. You can have a part in turning things around. In chapter four, the first thing Moses said was that God gave us statutes and judgments that we might live. We can find out more about Baalpeor, Balaam the prophet and King Balac by reading Numbers 22 to 25 in the Old Testament. Moses made this point over and over and over. It is a secret war. Though Balaam could not curse Israel, yet he" suggested a mode by which the divine displeasure might be caused to descend upon them (Num. Your Bible offers practical solutions to our national problems. They have no femininity. Balaam’s advice is simply this. which hold the doctrine of Balaam We find first mention of this doctrine in the book of Numbers, chapter 22, and involved in this doctrine is advocacy for race mixing. Now the question is, what is speeding? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In these programs we will show that all our national problems can be solved with the application of God given laws. These are a few of God’s punishments on America. God had Moses explained His Ten Commandment laws, by means of Statutes and Judgments. "23:4), in Mesopotamia (Num. May god give us feminine women and manly men. The gospel according to St. John (46) For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. Today, abortionists openly do business and the police arrest and jail those opposed to abortion. What’s wrong? 1451), the son of beor, a man endowed with the gift of prophecy. In fact you could say, his weapon was peace. Let me say how much I am enjoying this Bible Study. And often, the ideas are presented by seductive young women, you know, look at modern day advertising. That history book is the History of the Jews, by Josephus. Very often the new ideas are presented in TV situation comedies, at other times by the talk shows; shows that present every perversion as acceptable, while ridiculing traditional Christian values. "Lord of the people; foreigner or glutton, as interpreted by" "others, the son of Beor, was a man of some rank among the" Midianites (Num. One pastor in Massachusetts wrote this in the margin of a lesson Answer Sheet “Boy is God opening my eyes.” Later we received this letter from the same Pastor. Listen to what this woman had to say, this is the headline, Women Should Not Wear Pants. Could these curses be on us because we, as a nation, are in violation of God’s economic laws? You can hardly tell some of them apart. King Balac figured, perhaps rightly, that his army would prevail if the enemy nation was under a curse. Well, the answer is “Yes,” and it’s in your Bible. Balaam’s advise to King Balac is found in Josephus Book four, chapter 6; here in chapter six Josephus reports what Balaam said to the king, Here is what he said; “If you want to be victorious over them – follow my advice. And most important, God caused the plague. What are Statutes and Judgments? For example, your representatives in the legislature might write a law saying, Thou Shalt not speed. 6; Philo, 'Vita Mosis,' 1. p. 647), they prostituted their influence to the seducing of God's people into idolatry and impurity. Now God met Balaam, and he said to Him, “I have set up the seven altars, and I have offered up a bull and a ram on each altar.” Balaam was slain while fighting on the side of Balak (Num. Why would God do this? When you read Josephus’ account you will find that the men who were seduced, did not believe that they were doing anything wrong. The hired help couldn’t curse Israel for Balak, so he taught the pagan Moabites to seduce Israel instead. To understand how this works, let’s think of a modern day legislature. A very few years ago women wore dresses. A war conducted against Christians. Jesus says in his letter to Pergamum, “But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality.”