Illness. This is probably because instead of being overmethylated and anxiety-ridden, I am properly methylated and so taking 400mg of Niacin caused undermethylation. About me: I was not interested in methylation protocols at the time (took it on a whim for fatigue). “There is lots of information coming out on genetic variations and how that affects our biochemistry and health,” she says. Share Environmental, history, diet, and even genes.MTHFR has been linked to anxiety for reasons I'm not knowledgeable enough to explain but I tried this link (it's blocked at my workplace) has the correct information about it After learning about how Niacin works to dampen the cycle, I understand why. Adamski believes a reluctance on the part of many GPs to invest more time in nutrigenetic testing is because there are no best-practice guidelines. “Like any good doctor I tried it on myself first and quickly became aware of a substantial rise in my energy levels,’’ he says. The link between MTHFR mutations, mood disorders and neurodevelopmental problems is not new information to scientists, even though adoption of testing by the broader medical community appears to be a rarity. I think that I had some gut issues, possibly infection based on lab work. I had read that Bacopa Monnieri and Choline were a good cocktail to get the brain working really optimally with a side benefit of anxiety reduction and stress relief. That my anxiety has a genetic link is, on reflection, no great surprise to me. My maternal grandfather had what was then known as a “nervous breakdown” and was prone to bouts of melancholy. I still sometimes obsess about whether my kids have some deadly tropical disease. Vitamin B2 – When this vitamin becomes deficient it causes a reduction in a coenzyme that makes vitamin B6 … I could not be convinced that I was safe. It is not sure that you are deficient with folate given your homozygous A1298C. I can purchase 5-Methyltetrahydrafolate with a capsule that contains 400mcg so its not a massive megadose. Walking past she would raise a wrist to my mum’s forehead and at the first hint of illness Mum would be packed off to bed and checked upon compulsively. Eventually I discovered that I'm one of the people for whom folinic acid from green veggies blocks folate uptake. This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising. I was diagnosed with small bowel cancer last year, it had fragmentated to my stomach and lungs, chemo reduced it in size and I came off chemo as was finding it hard to cope with, in August this year I was complaining of pain in my stomach aswell as anal spasms, eventually they gave me a ct scan just. Anxiety is like 70% gone. So, anyway, I recently proved to myself Choline is another one I should throw away. On a side note, I just came back here this morning because I discovered Choline is another one that causes me instant anxiety and wanted to search this sub to see if anyone else had this problem. Molecular geneticist Professor Lyn Griffiths, the executive director of the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at Queensland University of Technology, is in late-stage research into the link between MTHFR mutations and migraine. Yes, you have the same sort of reactions I had. A few undermethylated people might be schizoaffective (seasonal psychotic episodes if bipolar). The safest b9 and b12 supplements for me are folinic acid and hydroxy-b12. But I do like this new version a whole lot more. This probably means that you are low on serotonin. Significantly better than before. Taking only one supplement based on these locations only is pseudoscience. As dumb as I can be, even I was able to figure this one out. My new doctor put me on a different thyroid medication and the hair shedding stopped instantly, but I also started taking Evening Primrose Oil to help my stop hair loss. I think this community needs to be asking more questions with skepticism. which leads to lactic acidosis, this condition leads to anxiety and triggers panic attacks. and I posted an article about it as well as some of my initial findings here, How I Beat My 10-Year Battle With Anxiety After Discovering Folinic Acid. I've felt better just like the woman in the article How I Beat My 10-Year Battle With Anxiety After Discovering Folinic Acid. I have not been able to leave my house for nearly 1.5 years. “We expect to see a more significant response in people with a double mutation but also a response in those with a single mutation by treating them with a combination of folate, B6 and B12,’’ she says. So I have only been taking folinic acid for about 5 days and it's already night and day improvement. As mentioned in your last PubMed-link SAMe can help with depression in this case. My mom who has been through this whole thing with me watched an episode of Doctor Oz, told me I had all the symptoms of a B12 deficiency. But here’s the thing: I am far from being alone. It is based on the theory that in diseases Kane classes as. I was pretty sure that Choline caused me anxiety already, but I wasn't 100% sure until now since I haven't been taking it since last fall. Truth be told, Mum’s side of the family is littered with us crazy types, all of us muddling along as best we can, desperately trying to look normal while we indulge in the various routines, compulsions and obsessions that help us feel as if we have some kind of control over our anxiety or depression. Regards, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In fact, I've been taking it now daily for 2 weeks and haven't had a bit of anxiety. trehalose, folinic acid, niacin, reservrasol, magnesium. “However, there is less information on how to address that with nutrition and other health recommendations. I read that Choline + Inositol works for hair loss, especially hypothyroid-related hairloss (Hashimoto's causes thyroid disease; in my case, hypothyroidism). “This has been life-changing for me, too. that's interesting about choline. My heart rate is super normal, I'm not worrying about things as much and when I do (I still have incorrect thought patterns that have built up over time), I can let them slide easier. Invalid postcode. I was in, Patricia Kane protocol By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And those patients don’t only include those with anxiety or depression. I notice especially one important thing: you say that SSRI has helped! Just know B12 cannot last for ever. Im avoiding methylfolate at this time as even a small dose seems to induce methyltrap and within a few hours I can get a horrible reaction of shortness of breath, along with panicky, anxious feelings (made worse by the physical effects of course). I don't know, but those are my best guesses. For me, I discovered a b1 deficiency which complicates the whole matter as pumping the other b vitamins exacerbates the b1 deficiency and b complexes include thiamin HCL which I clearly am not absorbing. And my magnesium contains glycinate. I'm way too scarred to take any vitamin supplements that effect methylation greatly such as B12 and folate. Folinic acid rather than methylfolate is preferred in these patients . My mum, who has had her own battles with a kind of social phobia, remembers her own health being constantly checked by her mother. I don't know anything, Repurposing folinic acid as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease would be faster than for a novel drug..?? What really helped with my sleep was cutting out caffeine and starting nofap though. I tend to think my circumstance is interesting because I didn't even care about methylation until after my experience, so it wasn't like I was sickly and I'm confusing these symptoms for something else (i.e., selection bias not an issue):,

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