Additionally, in the home or place of work of a confirmed case, all persons, be they at home or at work, have been tested, whether they had symptoms or not. Ghana, is a west African country, bound on the north by Burkina Faso, on the east by Togo, on the south by the Atlantic Ocean,and on the west by Côte d'Ivoire. But, as I have said before, do not begrudge those who make such statements, they need to make them to continue to try to stay relevant. TellGhana is your number one Health, Education, News, entertainment, lifestyle, and technology publishing site and everything related to the country Ghana and outside Ghana. As part of the measures, commercial vehicles are to return to taking the normal number of passengers in their vehicles. I assure you that, under my watch as President of the Republic, Government will continue to work to create a diversified, transformed economy, fashion a conducive business climate that will deliver development, progress and prosperity for all Ghanaians. All other team and contact sports, and competitive sporting events remain suspended till further notice. Open air drinking spots can now function. It is also importantly due to the immense dedication and hard work being exhibited by our healthcare workers, who continue to care for those affected by the virus, and for the sick in general, and to whom we continue to remain indebted. Currently, there are no recorded COVID-19 cases in the North East, Savannah, Upper East and Upper West Regions, and I charge their residents to do everything possible to maintain that situation. In the midst of the pandemic, we have been able to compile a voters’ register, arguably, the most credible voter register in our history;our democratic institutions continue to function effectively; there continues to be vigorous public debate on issues of public policy; respect for the rule of law continues to be central to our governance; our economy, despite the severe shocks of the pandemic, is proving to be resilient, and is poised for rapid recovery; our agriculture is performing so that, despite the disruptions of the pandemic, food is still abundant in our markets; and the virus itself is being fought systematically. This Government is resolved and determined, in this second phase, to help Ghanaians fully return to their daily routines, whether it be going to work, going to school, going to a funeral or going to worship – all the while taking full precautionary measures to protect ourselves and our families from the virus. Not only did he present a compelling review of the efforts put in place over the last three and half years to stabilise and grow our economy, he was also able to paint a credible picture of hope for the future, despite the ravages caused by COVID-19. I thank you very much for your concern. We do not expect to go back to the way things were five (5) months ago – but we should create a “new normal”, where we are constantly figuring out how to go to work, keep our businesses and places of worship open, send our children to school, and, all the time, keeping safe, containing the spread of the disease, and acting swiftly where and whenever hotspots appear. The law enforcement agencies are determined to locate the originators of these anti-social acts. President Akufo-Addo yesterday September 25, 2019, gave a speech at the UN General Assembly. The event saw some... Apple has revealed its first Mac computers powered by chips of its own design. I am very grateful to the individuals and institutions, who have responded to my appeal for donations to be made into the COVID-19 National Trust Fund, which has been established to complement Government’s fight against the virus, and to assist in the welfare of the needy and the vulnerable. It bears repeating that some of these incentive packages have been extended for the next three months. Address By The President Of The Republic, At The Launch Of The 2020 Manifesto Of The New Patriotic Party, On Saturday, 22nd August 2020, In Cape Coast, Central Region, © 2017 - 2018 Office of the President, Republic of Ghana, Update No 19: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Update No 18: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Update No 16: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Update No 17: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Speech By President Akufo-Addo At The Launch Of The 2020 Manifesto Of The New Patriotic Party, Update No 15: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Update No 14: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Update No 13: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus, Speech By President Akufo-Addo During Acclamation Ceremony, Update No 12: Measures Taken To Combat Spread Of Coronavirus. The nation and I appreciate their involvement. These same guidelines apply to worship in our Mosques. It is the reality of the progress of the virus in our country, the measures we have taken to cope better, and the regular consultations with relevant stakeholders, that informed Government’s decision, over a month ago, to embark on a strategic, controlled, progressive, safe easing of restrictions to get our lives and economy back to normal. Government is increasing funding, under the CAP Business Support Scheme, with an additional one hundred and fifty million cedis (GH¢150 million), to ensure an increased number of beneficiaries. Thus far, a total of fortythousand, five hundred and sixty-seven (40,567) persons have recovered from the virus. We have, so far, conducted four hundred and twenty-seven thousand, one hundred and twenty-one (427,121) tests. Our fight against the stigmatisation of persons, who have contracted COVID-19, continues in earnest. Furthermore, all frontline health workers will receive an additional allowance of fifty percent (50%) of their basic salary per month, i.e. Sɛwofriefiye aa, hyɛ mask. Together, let us ensure that the scourge of this virus becomes nothing but a temporary blip on the fortunes of our nation, and we will go on to realise the vision and aspirations of our forebears, who envisioned Ghana to be a free, democratic, prosperous nation, the beacon of freedom and justice, the Black Star of Africa, the harbinger of a new black civilisation in which the dignity and prosperity of black people everywhere are assured. The Ghanaian people, mercifully, are not dying of the virus in the hundreds and thousands that were earlier anticipated and predicted, and that are being seen on a daily basis in some other countries. In the Finance Minister’s mid-year budget review, he, again, announced that all Ghanaians are to enjoy free water supply for another three months. Through online learning portals, almost all continuing students in our Universities have completed their studies for the academic year. I have never wavered in my deeply-held conviction that, if each one of us embraces the safety protocols, and we continue to put our faith in the Almighty, we will emerge strongly from this crisis. It is reassuring to see working in real life the bold decision to implement a Relief, Resilience and Recovery plan, with the overarching aim of providing relief to the ordinary Ghanaian, and being able to find more resources to strengthen the productive sectors of the economy to ensure sustained economic activity. I have, however, by Executive Instrument, extended the closure of our borders for two (2) more weeks, until further notice. Our death rate continues, mercifully, to be low at zero-point five percent (0.5%). This is the new, second phase we are entering today – Responsible behaviour, continuing State support, and living in Grace. I believe we can do even more, and reach one hundred percent (100%). The rate of virus-related deaths has remained, persistently, low at 0.5% of confirmed cases. This project has been a good example of the generous Ghanaian spirit that has been exhibited since the onset of this crisis. God being so good, I am back again at work. There can only be one simple reason for this baseless assertion, and that is political expediency.

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