Gust (Surface Gust Wind Speed) - This is the average gust wind speed expected within the forecast period. ☁ Krakow Lesser Poland Voivodeship Poland 15 Day Weather Forecast. You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings. Weather forecast 15 days - Kraków. Whoah! Cloud (Total Cloud Cover) - This is the average cloud cover across the region in the 1 or 3hr period Long-term 15 day weather forecast for Krakow. Speed (2 metre Wind Speed) - This is the average wind speed recorded at 2m above ground Data reported by the weather station on November 4, 2019. The average temperature over the next 25 days in Krakow from this forecast is 6°C (43°F) and there will be 2 days of sunshine . Was it hotter in Kraków last year? (Weather station: Krakow Airport, Poland). Сhance of precipitation Easy to understand display with accurate forecasts for temperature, wind speed and more. It is these winds which are responsible for driving and developing weather systems across the Atlantic. Speed (2 metre Wind Speed) - This is the average wind speed recorded at 2m above ground GFS (00Z) FMI (18Z) HARMONIE (12Z) ICON (00Z) Models Used. Detailed morning, day, evening, and night 1-15 day weather forecast. Toys Similar To This :-UK Storm Radar ►Precipitype ►Euro Radar ►. You probably hear a lot about the Jet Stream in the news. Our projects: Україна | Беларусь | Қазақстан. Temp (2 metre Average Temperature) - This is the average temperature forecast at 2m above ground Toys Similar To This :-GEFS PostStamps ►GEFS ENS ►GEM ►. Fog. Kraków Weather Forecast. 1 NEW frontpage article- Rain Clearing East. Overcast. Strong winds, heavy high-elevation snow en route to B.C. Weather widgets. Today Krakow Lesser Poland Voivodeship Poland: Partly cloudy with a temperature of 16°C and a wind South-South-West speed of 6 Km/h. Was it colder? Dir (2 metre Wind Direction) - This is the average wind direction recorded at 2m above ground Weather maps, meteograms, weather impact on health forecast. Meteoprog and our Service Providers may store and access personal data such as cookies, device identifiers or other similar technologies on your device and process such data to personalise content and ads, as well as provide social media features and to analyse the traffic. Dice Image : This will show you the confidence of this forecast period based on the ensembles. The humidity will be 82% and there will be 0.0 mm of precipitation. Actual weather in Krakow Long-term 15 day weather forecast for Krakow. Accurate weather forecast on 14 days in Krakow, Malopolska. The jet stream is identified as winds at 300mb (during Winter) and 200mb (during Summer). Ad and content performance can be measured. How Vancouver restaurants are adjusting their patios for the colder months, Plan ahead: Parts of Ontario will look like this next week, Weekend system to bring widespread snow to Newfoundland, COVID-19: Important mask update as cases hit record highs, Here's what would happen if all the ice in the Arctic melted, November 12, 1799 - First meteor shower on record, Save $1,000 annually by doing just this one thing, Eta makes landfall near Cedar Key Florida, still producing flooding rains, 'Deadly Mistake': Don't confuse THIS with COVID this winter, Why China is diving for treasure in the Mariana Trench, Avoid buildings that look like they're growing fur, or you're in for a fright, © 2020 The Weather Network Pelmorex Weather Networks.

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