ABC is still looking to cast Merlin as well as Guinevere, but we do at least know that Sinqua Walls will return as Lancelot. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Electrical weapons like tasers work on human beings because human beings aren’t made of wood. That said, she did play an important role in the series and eventually got the girl. There are probably four businesses that we see throughout the show, counting a dwarf-run farm. It seems as though evil hearts literally shrivel into lumps of coal in this universe. There’s only one problem: where did Mary Margaret get the thing? It started off quite strong, but quickly got so complicated that the writers started to struggle to keep track of every character’s idiosyncrasies and intertwining storylines. While he's supposedly dead in the current timeline, we'll likely see some Camelot of old. Read Children!Killian&Liam from the story Once Upon A Time Fics by PiratesWife (Kate) with 1,464 reads. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. That’s a big stretch even for this series, though. Slim, that’s what. Maybe they’re not too serious-- after all, Once Upon a Time's premise includes the idea that Rumplestiltskin owns a town where Little Red Riding Hood works in a diner. Considering the fact that we never see her return the hearts once she turns good, it seems possible that she just likes having them around. In fact, Cora’s machinations place her daughter in jeopardy. She uses them for deeply nefarious purposes, of course, because why else would you hold someone’s heart hostage? Oh, Zelena. But why, in that case, does Cora’s heart look so normal when Snow White holds it in her hand in season 5, episode 12? He is portrayed by Bernard Curry. There’s not much in Storybrooke. Once will be taking the trip to Camelot as the Season 4 finale revealed that the only person who can save the new Dark One, Emma, is King Arthur's mentor, that legendary sorcerer Merlin. Why aren’t the residents of Storybrooke going back? Some of these are small and easily explained away. For a character who had been introduced in the pilot episode, Ruby disappears quickly and with very little wrap-up. There’s no logical explanation for how quickly and easily he finds Mr. Gold when he’s stuck in New York City. Others are so obvious that even loyal, longtime viewers can't help but laugh about them. Why not stay home and dominate there? Last time we checked, the Enchanted Forest isn’t rife with New York City travel guides. The erstwhile Wicked Witch of the West does a great job impersonating the sweet Marion despite her titular wicked nature. That leads us to another, possibly more pressing question: if Regina’s capable of casting the original curse, then why go to all of this trouble in the first place? There’s only one problem: where did Mary Margaret get the thing? good. If anyone could bring back those who have passed, it would be him, and even after the show established that resurrection is possible, it ought to be so rare that even Rumple wouldn’t expect to see it much during his long life. flirted with the idea of two girls flirting with each other, it was when Aurora and Mulan nearly became girlfriends after Phillip’s passing. But why? Thus, the show remained fun to watch, but descended into an unsalvageable mess full of plot holes. For a character who had been introduced in the pilot episode, Ruby disappears quickly and with very little wrap-up. Marion’s closest relationships remain seamlessly intact. He bears an "eternal burning love" for the yet-to-be-cast Guinevere that borders on controlling. Cora tried to destroy an innocent, for goodness’ sake. However, Greg and his dad happen to find it, and if something can be found once, then it can be found multiple times.

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