These LKG Worksheets offer your kids a strong foundation academically at home. Our experts provide monthly LKG Maths Worksheets on lively content, puzzles, crosswords, and even more counting concepts. So, let your children fun learning journey starts now with our provided free download sample Maths LKG Worksheets. Since LKG acts as an intermediate between Home and School, kids will be taught in a playful manner. Saturday – Sunday LKG - Math Resources. Identifying size and shapes. Hence, Download Sample LKG Worksheets PDF, and let’s begin your kid’s fun-learning journey. 10.00 am – 2.00 pm, Click for Maths Worksheets   SA-I  ( MATHEMATICS) 1. contains detailed practice tests in Mathematics and General Awareness, which helps children to attain all round development and to be prepared for future. Each of the 100+ task card features an … NUMBER NAMES 1 – 100 2. LKG Maths worksheet – 2: Download: LKG EVS Worksheets PDF. This LKG Worksheet is the best for improving the child's cognitive skills. Missing Addends Clothespin Task Cards. Lkg Worksheets Math Classroom Task Cards Student. Olympiads information, practice worksheets and model exams help the kids to be well prepared for Olympiad competitions Math and General IQ Practice worksheets The practice worksheets are designed to stimulate thinking and acquire problem solving skills Sorting by shapes. Here are over 100 clothespin task cards that provide students with practice in finding the missing addend in each equation. Today’s competitive world demand students to be smart and prompt. The equations feature sums from 1-15. Worksheet Name Download Link; UKG EVS/GK worksheet – 1: Download: UKG EVS/GK worksheet – 2: Download: Disclaimer – We are Not Owner Of This PDF, Neither It Been Created Nor Scanned. This worksheets will improve kids learning and thinking skills We are Only Provide the Material Already Available on The Internet. LKG Worksheets PDF Download For Maths, English, Hindi, EVS. Sub Categories: Colouring Worksheets (8) Comparing (17) Counting (43) Measurement (5) Mental Maths (41) Numbers (27) Practical Maths (29) Recognition of numbers (19) Shapes (6) Big and Small. LKG Worksheets PDF: LKG commonly known as Kindergarten, plays a major role in every child’s life. Therefore, Download Kindergarten Worksheets PDF for free and enhance … Maths Worksheet for LKG-3. Our grand tests help the parents to understand their kids strength and weakness topic wise. Print free LKG and Kindergarten alphabets learning, shapes learning, matching, colouring worksheets. COMPARING NUMBERS 3. The focus areas can be addressed timely, More than 500 worksheets for Maths, Maths Reasoning, and General awareness(GK), The assessment reports provide detailed view of student’s strength and weakness topic wise, Olympiads and other competitions model exams and practice tests help students to prepare in advance and to secure top ranks in these competitions, Through our blogs, we continuously provide up to date information on various competitions and schedules, Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm BEFORE, AFTER ,BETWEEN, Children under 8 years, you should not worry much regarding syllabus compatibility. Color the object with bigger number LKG Worksheet. Counting numbers. Download Fun Learning Maths Worksheets for LKG Kids; Free Printable Kindergarten Maths Worksheets … Every school or board, in general has their, CBSE in general, the syllabus is more aligned to future competitions like IIT JEE or NEET or NTSE or state board’s, Mathematics | Logical Reasoning | IQ | General Knowledge, We have more than 10000 questions prepared by experts, Moving to India from US and other countries, CBSE or ICSE or State Board which is better. In this LKG Maths worksheet, the parents and teacher can teach the child numbers (bigger and smaller). Doing this type of LKG Worksheets Activities will help the child to learn faster. Coin value identification. Identifying large and small. Here you have upto date, simple to use practice forms, Logical thinking at an early age stimulates brain power towards solving complex problems, Solving puzzles enable kids to develop problem solving skills with different alternate methods, In addition to academical skills, the General Knowledge related practice and tests help kids to develop all round skills, Olympiads information, practice worksheets and model exams help the kids to be well prepared for Olympiad competitions, The practice worksheets are designed to stimulate thinking and acquire problem solving skills, The questions are sometimes twisted to sharpen kid’s skills and to enhance thinking power. These Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten & free math printables help to develop a strong foundation academically at home for your little one. To help you out at this point, we have provided free printable lower kindergarten worksheets pdf for Eglish, Maths, Hindi, and EVS & GK on this page. Distinguish between Bigger and Smaller and Color the one that is bigger and circle the one that is smaller in each set. Download Here. At this stage, children will learn pieces of Alphabets, Numbers, identifying objects and much more. Mathematics Worksheets will help your little ones to learn the following. Practice is an essential element of learning. Classifying shapes by colors.

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