We often have the impression that your proposals ignore these elements, which are part and parcel of the democratic life of our countries. How long should he suffer these perennial indignities that seem part and, As the old Post Office doesn't have an international, It is a three-dimensional magazine, a grown-up busy-box of tactile surprise, a wunderkammer that arrives via, Rural free delivery was the most direct response, but postal savings banks and, And companies like United Parcel Service have taken over what used to be the postal service's, Mr Heseltine is running late, she says, looking around for somewhere to put me, as if I am a, His body was found in a hotel toilet in the city of Kaduna with the remains of a, An anti-EU anarchist group from Italy is believed to be behind the, See six magpies and win the national lottery, see seven and your hands are blown off by a, About 30 youngsters had been dancing and playing games like pass the, Firstly, either cut up the credit cards or, In recognition of his spearmen he gave them each a, Through hard work and perseverance he acquired a good, Therefore, why don't a few members of the 15,000-strong Crikey army buy a small, Helen's mouth fell open in disbelief as he handed her a small, Mac had the car door open, and was walking towards the van, a bunch of flowers in his hands, and the wrapped, One day, being in the Alcala at Toledo, I saw a young lad offer to sell a, I cannot find your address in our back up folders, please could you send it to us, and we will put the, She fished into her pocket until she pulled out a tiny, They found Tom Fisher standing there holding a large, The interactors made them play games such as housie and passing the, If they succeed, candlepower could become part and, Whenever her dad needs a new spinnaker or satellite navigation system, another cottage or, They are spun or twined in many ways to be used to tie a, While some restaurants charge extra for parcelling, the rest provide, Anything less than 250 acres means that, barring downward revisions of costs, it is uneconomical for the logger to harvest from the total, Tony's interest in the sport arose from his work where being able to handle sheepdogs is part and, It was also accepted that incineration was part and, Expanding free trade bilaterally, regionally, and ultimately, globally, is part and, The uppermost level above the false floor and beneath the, How did such an imperiled reptile thrive on a, A curious handsome hero, a giant, a wacky wizard, some magic beans and a massive beanstalk are all part and, Joy was etched on their young faces as they danced to the music, passed the, There are three dimensions of ecclesiastical medievalism that are still part and, The growth of scepticism about witchcraft was part and, Do not leave property inside the vehicle, even in the boot or under the, However, the product promotion that is part and, The result of this is that any such marginal, If not all the luggage can be taken with the mother and baby, a, Twist the ends like a cracker and then roll the, He turns people and uses his body well and can score both the wonder goals and tap-ins, which is part and, It came from the west, and the sled carried a bulky man, 18 Samoyeds, and a large, Does he have what it takes to get out there and create the conflict and controversy that are part and, As the mailman shuffled off to the next house, Clarence quickly unwrapped the, Richard uses this training and his experience to suggest how a, A stand off in the Black Sea with Turkey is so much part and, We came to an agreement where they could road test the standards and we'd do some gap analysis to see where we stood on that, As in most American taxing jurisdictions, the assessor first appraises the separate market value of land and buildings for each taxable, We rang City Link and asked them where the, They have refunded my shipping costs and I reposted the, A Brentwood mother has labelled the postal service appalling after an important, In addition, our company has also introduced SMS alerts for worldwide, Police say thieves are most intent on stealing audio equipment followed by car parts, including, Among the parts stolen were a steering wheel, an air filter, a, The large plate comes with crispy Wan Tun, prawn toast, spring rolls, crispy seaweed, spicy lamb satay, a beef, She recalls an experience at customs. 3. El tiempo de trabajo forma parte evidentemente de este proceso y tiene que ser controlado. It is part and parcel of the completion of the single market, and we must not ease the pressure. A : In recognition of his spearmen he gave them each a parcel of land in the area. Free resources to help you enjoy learning Spanish quickly. I would argue that sustainable development and employment are part and parcel of the social dimension of the European Union. Concentration of wealth and power is part and parcel of capitalist logic. Aquí desempeña un papel el reciclaje profesional. Disability issues are part and parcel of all policy areas. J C Señor Presidente, la población de inmigrantes se ha convertido cada vez más en una parte de las sociedades europeas. To a real-estate man, it's one infinitesimal, However, a parcel representation in terms of lines and points is not necessarily the representation a winegrower has in mind when thinking of his or her, It soon became the chief purpose of the company to, By this time, around 22,000 parcels a day were being forwarded from Paddington, with the Royal Mail service processing around 4,500 mailbags and 2,400, John doesn't live there any more. It is said that the more rights we have, the better, but rights are part and parcel of a complicated interplay of systems. Y Como tales, se las debe promover vigorosamente, pues forman parte de nuestra política exterior y de la asistencia para el desarrollo. : For many years he farmed a small parcel of land in Kilcolman and came to the local Kilcolman creamery with his donkey and cart. Hay que ampliar este debate, constituye una parte de nuestra democracia. Hundreds of Spanish worksheets from which to choose. L The recent riots are part and parcel of this long-term development. Use our free online Spanish test to estimate your level of fluency. 30 sentence examples: 1. All of this is part and parcel of sustainable development. Eso tiene que formar parte de la respuesta y eso, después de todo, es lo que la Unión ha decidido hacer. Sin embargo, las inmigraciones desde regiones cercanas o lejanas forman parte integrante de la historia europea. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … La concentración de la propiedad y del poder forma parte de la lógica del capitalismo. The possibility of making mistakes is part and parcel of freedom of choice. Dicen que cuanto mayores derechos tengamos, mejor, sin embargo, los derechos juegan un complicado papel dentro de los sistemas. Hostile takeovers are part and parcel of the normal functioning of the market. Los acuerdos de este tipo, que se han firmado con diferentes países, entrañan especial importancia en la lucha contra la inmigración ilegal. Creo que el quinto programa marco será, cuando se aplique, una parte esencial de ello. Papa gave me a little parcel sealed up, to put in the plate. Como he afirmado en mi intervención anterior, la crítica no resulta negativa en absoluto, constituye un elemento fundamental de la democracia. However, competition is part and parcel of the internal market, and this brings me to my main criticism of the directive. He de decir que el problema de Chipre forma parte de estos criterios políticos para la adhesión. B I had not known a bath during all the time I was on the Somme and lousiness was part and parcel of my make-up. El hecho de que existan algunas observaciones críticas es simplemente parte esencial de la independencia de una comisión de investigación como ésta. Pero el mercado interior implica pérdidas y con esto paso al punto de la crítica principal de la directiva. W Por eso la consulta forma parte inseparable del proceso de evaluación de impacto. It came in the mail this morning. P All of this simply reflects the very broad spectrum of your views and I think it is part and parcel of true democracy. | To wrap a strip around the end of a rope.

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