Steinhem's comment in the preface sums it up, "When I see this book being handed down to another generation of readers, I don't know whether to celebrate or mourn.”. I read this book around 1986; picked up while working as a community organizer in Ohio, trying to to fill my lack of radical education as quickly as possible. ): "Women are never again going to be mindless coffee-makers, or mindless policy-makers. The final section is called “Transforming Politics,” and true to the feminist adage that “the personal is political,” it takes the reader from a fantasy on the ramifications of male menstruation to a report from the 1977 National Women’s Conference in Houston, Texas. And it was certainly worth the continuation. Log in here. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. E-mail after purchase. It's there, in 1968, that the "Feminist Realization" (born of covering women's meetings) hits home—eliciting the kind of protest that would quickly become a groundswell: "Six months ago I would have been honored by McGovern's invitation to a 'serious' (i.e., male and therefore grownup) political meeting, but full of doubt about whether I could contribute in a 'serious' (male) way. He threatens not to, but as "Mom keeps nagging me about your dumb old questions" he finally gets the job done—and through his answers Mr. Henshaw and readers learn that Leigh considers himself "the mediumest boy in school," that his parents have split up, and that he dreams of his truck-driver dad driving him to school "hauling a forty-foot reefer, which would make his outfit add up to eighteen wheels altogether. In 1972, she launched Ms. Its initial publication of 300,000 copies sold out rapidly nationwide. I have hardly learned anything about feminism in school, so I thought I would take my learning into my own hands; this book was the right mix of information and good writing to keep me interested. It was a very lonely existence. Something went wrong. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Thank you Gloria - for your fight, for your tireless effort, for you magic with written words, and for being a champion for those who have no voice. . In five separate essays, the reader learns what Steinem has to say about such diverse individuals as Marilyn Monroe, Patricia Nixon, Linda Lovelace, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Alice Walker. In the survival areas of rape, battery, and other terrorist violence against women, for instance, we’ve begun to organize help through shelters, hot lines, pressure on police to provide protection, reforms in social services and legislation, and an insistence that society stop blaming the victim. I couldn't admit that any power relationship in life is political: therefore politics for women may be who's doing the dishes, or who's getting paid half the wages that a man would get for the same job, or who's expected to take the roles of service and support everywhere, including in political campaigns." . It’s basically the feminist Bible. The strength of our imagined future self can help us know how to heal the wounded child within. It's still unclear to me how I made it through four years of Smith Colleage without ever reading "Outrageous Acts and Everday Rebellions," probably Gloria Steinem's most well known book. . Had this great collection of essays by Gloria Steinham for 10 years buried in my to-be-read pile, then I read it bit by bit, amazed by the perceptions and intelligence of this early star of "true" feminism (a concept ill understood by current generations and often ill treated as well....). --. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. When she speaks of the era in which she was raised, I realize how integral Title IX, comprehensive sex education and strong (non-sexualized) female role models were to the era in which I was raised. H. Arguably, Ms. Steinem's very successful career as a journalist and author was launched by her undercover investigation inside the Playboy operation. She was a columnist for New York magazine and co-founded Ms. magazine. Steinem's truly personal writing is here, from the now-famous exposé, "I Was a Playboy Bunny," to the moving tribute to her mother "Ruth's Song (Because She Could Not Sing It)". Imagine her doing the gig, and living to tell the story to all curious readers like myself. Gloria Steinem has take words i have used in the book I’m writing about my experience growing up with a most disgaceful family, mine. Google. I was shocked at the betrayals of trust involved and at the lengths he would go to keep track of all these women and extract revenge. Try again. It’s scary how relevant this book still is, but that is precisely why it is so important to read. I am indebted to the generosity of authors who shared their stories and became my life rafts. It doesn't matter if the act is as small as saying "Pick it up yourself" (a major step for those of us who have been our family's servants) or as large as calling a strike. Soon Mr. Henshaw recommends keeping a diary (at least partly to get Leigh off his own back) and so the real letters to Mr. Henshaw taper off, with "pretend," unmailed letters (the diary) taking over. A partial exception is "Ruth's Song (Because She Could Not Sing It)," Steinem's previously unpublished memoir of her mentally-disturbed mother—whom she regards as a victim but also celebrates as a life-force. Refresh and try again. As this web site grows and evolves, I will do a more in-depth explanation of what I have learned from both women. It was an interesting dialogue to think about when these essays were published and what the current situation. Some of the essays were fun, some devastating, and all were interesting. I'm glad I read this, and I wish I had sooner. March 25 was her 75th birthday. It would be great if all young women today took the time to read and ponder these essays. I feel exactly the same way. I first read this book at Uni in the late 80s and this was a re-read, 30 years later. ― Gloria Steinem, quote from Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions “If each person in the room promises that in the twenty-four hours beginning the very next day she or he will do at least one outrageous thing in the name of simple justice, then I promise I will, too. And continuing with the reading of book after putting it down in the meantime, so as to focus on my other readings, I rediscovered my copy again. If you haven't heard of record-smashing singer and songwriter Mariah Carey, is there any hope for you? What is even more sad is that over 20 years later, these issues are still issues, some of which have arguably gotten worse. "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions" is a collection of feminist essays, covering topics ranging from Steinem's mother's almost life-long struggles with depression, to her experience going undercover as a Playboy Club bunny, to our society's expectations of women. Steinem’s book has given me reasons to stand up for what I believe in. Subscribe. ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. These essays are widely varied in content and focus. The unifying factor in this collection is the mind of Gloria Steinem. Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions has sold over half a million copies since its original publication in 1983, acclaimed for its witty, warm, and life-changing view of the world, as if women mattered. Bob Golden . "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions" is a collection of feminist essays, covering topics ranging from Steinem's mother's almost life-long struggles with depression, to her experience going undercover as a Playboy Club bunny, to our society's expectations of women.

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