Farmers don't optimize per plant but per farm. Here are some examples: When an infinitive phrase works like an adverb, it modifies the verb in a sentence. How long will the footprints on the moon last? - OK.2) "The maximum number of standing passengers is 26'. The actor was so frequently in front of the camera that he simply looked upon his paparazzi followers with a blasé attitude. In Korean passive and causative are often morphologically the same so confusion is not surprising. If I did that, I might receive a reprimanding from my brother. The question "what happened when you dropped the power drill" is ill-formed because if you're bored with something, you set it down; you don't drop it. Compare 'a told story' and 'a well-told story', 'a cooked dish' and 'a badly cooked dish', 'a driven car' and 'a carelessly driven car', 'a written letter' and a 'hastily written letter'. /�x.�NJ��P��= M���pq��G�:~=�؛|pؠ$����j��>�$���4mM ������\Fc7��q�Z "'The plants were withered' Adjective or passive?". og���-���2l�ᛆ� {Ʒ�B9�p�Q��ei�C֕��a3蹰q�HG#�r�]�N8� 1 ��BA̍Qo���%�����B춢$��3��rk]�+�� ��3�k����mB�-[o]�u�Z�� ��וշ��m��Z�%��B��!�I(��bLs�14�cߕ`���"���]OH.�`2V��U��;�%����D����m&% ���鱄o@�WS[2��9C�bj%�������ES;�8����䓶���M�N+^ӱ>߷0V�R��.�Ͳoc�@r0g�\��²��;i��~v��ʩĂVBE7���Ԕ}��aӘ�Z����W�H$a��4%r���S��{���⒊��3�Ƈ U���ð�ȝ� ��*�h6X�ɸ@��M�b�Y7������N��O�.�P���'�>f��5�-�m��ٶO��k�xUgL)��_�nI��Y��V���#:aw��v�r��63�&(o�)ؿ�~P&!�,;�$4�;;L��. And that seems to me to depend on whether the adjective is normally used in this position. Which sentence contains an adverb modifying an adjective? And another from the script of a computer game: "Mauka spent all her time massaging the hurt men and women", Not sure about the literary merit of those last two! "A disappeared species" - no ; "a vanished species" - yes"a well thought-out plan" - yes; "an unthought consequence" - rare if at allAll seems pretty random to me. When an infinitive phrase works like a noun, it answers the question “what?” So, the infinitive phrase will be the subject, which does the verb; or an object, which receives the action of the verb. In a sentence, an infinitive phrase can work like a ___________. For me, this involves a reduced relative clause, which could be read two ways - "She stared at the work (that/which was) piled up on the desk" - linking verb 'be' + adjective 'piled up' (B), or "She stared at the work (that/which had been) piled up on the desk" where 'had been piled up' is a passive (C). The marine biologist classified the fish as adventitious because it is not normally found in bodies of saltwater. Unless of course we know that someone else has piled it up, which is where C comes in. A. verb C. adjective B. different pronoun D. noun. color:#714C27; (state - adjective). This brings up 80 hits. (Yes) He seems very early. But the interesting thing is that these are nearly all from dictionary or vocabulary site definitions of 'hurt'. On the other hand 'an easily-made mistake' adds information. text-decoration:underline; ‘a declined offer’ gets 175 hits on Google, 22 at Google Books, but nothing at the BBC (and nor do ‘the declined offer’ or ‘a declined invitation’). All Rights Reserved. While the band was not popular in its native country, it did find adventitious celebrity in other countries. ( an event - intransitive verb), b) The plants were killed. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. font-size:; Where can you download ringtones for free? verb plant which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. And even in your example you could turn that into a passive - what he was doing bored him, in other words he was bored by what he was doing. (adjective)A related adjective is wintry.Example: The leaves blew around in the wintry wind. The important word here is 'happen'. monotonous, dull, dreary. Semantically they can be much the same, but the latter seems to me unnatural, and I don't think that paper explains this. There were only six actual examples of the phrase being used 'in the real world', one of which was gobbledygook: "the actual firefighters ought to not simply run upward routes associated with steps and also have around the hurt men and women around the steps", "But the hurt men and women experience post-breakup may be different because men and women often view relationships from varied ...". determiner). Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb plant which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. These can be used in three ways: transitively, intransitively with the object of the transitive verb becoming the subject of the intransitive verb, and in the passive -, She was boiling some eggs for supper.The eggs were boiling nicelyThe eggs had been boiled for exactly four minutes. Is it ambiguous, context-dependent or a case of “unmarked-grammar”? div.defv2wordtype { Being bored is a state, and doesn't 'happen', I would suggest. } So, what’s an infinitive? Where can you find the new version song of dota? } @Jasper - it happens to us all from time to time. Now, as we know from that paper, if it had been 'badly-hurt', things might have been different. I was thinking of flammable, but that's from a noun (although that originally came from a Latin verb). Will, was that a deliberate error to keep us on our toes? Using infinitive phrases isn’t very difficult, but, it’s important not to confuse them with prepositional phrases or try to use them as full sentences. At Google Books, the story was pretty similar, with at least twenty pages of verifiable results for the 'injured men', but less than two pages for 'the hurt men', many of the latter being from rather old books, something which this graph seems to bear out:

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