The exception to the rule is that if named berth is stated in the contract then it will be the first discharge of goods/oil at that berth date to be applied. In addition to the oil refineries, four tank storage companies in the port of Rotterdam offer specialised storage and handling facilities for edible oils and fats. ____. The following oil refineries that process vegetable oils are located in the port of Rotterdam: Processes taking place in the port of Rotterdam include bleaching, deodorisation, filtering and blending. International soybean quotations maintained their upward momentum, notably during the first half of September, tied to reports of:  i) unfavourable weather conditions in key growing regions of the United States of America (USA), where the 2020 harvest is underway; and ii) continued large purchases of USA soybeans by China. The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest sea port. The vegetable oils and fats refined in the port of Rotterdam are intended mainly for the food industry. They handle oils and fats for the oil refineries, but they are also used by traders and manufacturers in the food and animal feed industries. © Copyright 2020 The Oil Market Journal In addition, exportable supplies out of Argentina and Brazil, the world’s two leading soymeal exporters, continued to be limited by a slow pace of crushings. Association for international trading in oils, fats and oilseeds, © FOSFA International 2014 Registered in England and Wales No. Rotterdam Intraday Prices. The OMJ provides intraday prices from 8am to 8pm London time providing oil buyers and distibutors with reliable and up to the minute assessments of latest product prices. Archive price data is available to members. Stay informed of all the news from the port of Rotterdam and port related events in general. What personal data do we collect about you? Do we share personal data about you with others? Daily figure is based on last five (5) days rolling average. Oils which are currently subject to the terms of the Adjustment of Outturn Clause and the aforementioned process are: It has been long established practice (periodically and repeatedly endorsed by the Oils and Fats Committee, supported by the FOSFA Council)  that the date determination to apply the settlement price published is the date when the first parcel of goods/oil is discharged from the vessel at the designated port, irrespective of subsequent separate parcel/ownership discharges. Furthermore, in Argentina, it remains to be seen how the country’s uncertain export taxation policies and exchange rate developments are going to affect farmers’ planting decisions. The following were Friday's Rotterdam vegetable oil prices at 1700 GMT: SOYOIL EU degummed: euro tonne fob exmill November 2017 765.00 +0.00 December 2017 755.00 -5.00 January 2018 745.00 -10.00 February 2018 740.00 -5.00 March 2018 735.00 -5.00 April 2018 730.00 -5.00 May 2018/July 2018 720.00 +0.00 RAPEOIL Dutch/EU: euro tonne fob exmill November 2017 820.00 -10.00 December 2017 787.00 … Why do we collect personal data about you and what do we do with it? As for soyoil, international prices continued rising, supported by the slow pace of crushings in South America and firm demand for biodiesel in the USA, while, in the case of rapeseed oil, prices remained firm in response to prolonged global supply tightness. 13 November 2020. As for rapeseed, international prices increased moderately, supported by lingering supply tightness in the EU and unfavourable harvesting conditions in pockets of Canada.With regard to oilmeals, FAO’s price index increased for the third consecutive month, mainly reflecting higher soymeal values. Interestingly, towards the end of the month, prices started cooling down on demand rationing, after price premiums over competing vegetable oils had climbed to record highs. Suppliers, service providers and other stakeholders. Operational information, services and facilities for safe, efficient and sustainable shipping, For all your questions about transhipment and storage of cargo, connections, setting up a business and the port of the future, Experience the port that is in continuous development and view all facts and figures about our port, One of our core tasks is the sustainable development, management and commercial operation of the port. In recent years the demand for vegetable oils and fats has also increased considerably due to the production of biofuels in the port of Rotterdam. Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 12 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 11 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 10 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 09 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 06 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 05 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 04 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 03 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 02 November 2020, Protected: Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices 1600 GMT – 30 October 2020, Protected: Harga Tender CPO KPB – 13 November 2020, Protected: Hasil Tender PK Astra Agro Lestari (AALI) – 13 November 2020, Protected: Harga Tender CPO KPB – 12 November 2020, Malaysian physical palm oil prices – 15 May 2020, Malaysian physical palm oil prices – 22 January 2020, Rotterdam Vegetable Oil Prices – 13 December 2019, Hasil Tender CPO Astra Agro Lestari (AALI) – 01 February 2019.

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