It is the first of a series of three barrel aged ciders in the Private Reserve line (which currently contains Pink, Pumpkin, and Barrel Select). Smells of candied ginger and spices. Cidery:  Woodchuck Still. How Supplied:  22oz brown glass bottle with a cute cherry motif, Cider Description:  Woodchuck Cellar Series Sour Cherry is crafted in the tradition of age-old Belgian sour beers. This was my favorite Cellar Series of Sour Cherry, Mint, and Chocolate (I never tried Smoked Apple, Dry Hop, or Ginger). Most Similar to:  It almost reminded me of a still French cider with orange. Cider:  Bubbly Rosé Follow along with Woodchuck cider via its website, Instagram and Facebook. I’ve previously tried nearly their entire line-up; see here. I didn’t care for this at all, due to the sourness. Today, the state-of-the-art cidery, the first of its kind in the U.S. considering its scale and technological advancement, includes a bottling line, a canning line and a keg line, plus a quality-control lab and a 20-tap on-site tasting room pouring varieties like pear ginger, raspberry, Granny Smith, semi-dry, off-dry and rotating seasonal varieties. I personally wasn’t super into the mint flavor, but it was mild, not at all overpowering, and the cider was quite drinkable overall. Contact me.<<, Cider:  Summer Time Pear Ginger Moderate bourbon influence. Price:  $4 or $5 ? How Supplied:  six pack of 12oz cans Moderate flavor intensity. How Supplied:  six pack of 12oz bottles or 12oz cans (and draft) Have you tried Woodchuck Pearsecco? Opinion:  Semi-sweet to sweet. Its definitely an easy drinking cider, especially at only 4%. How Found:  I’ve bought this cider the last couple years when it came out, along with Winter Chill, as I love barrel aged cider. Low carbonation. Woodchuck® Hard Cider Announces New Wine-Inspired Cider April 18, 2019. Vermont Cider Company reinvigorated American hard cider in 1991, with the launch of Woodchuck, and stays focused on the category today through our commitment to crafting innovative and refreshing hard ciders. Low acidity. Where Bought:  n/a large craft cider made with cider apples:  Schilling Excelsior – This was made using bittersweet cider apples in addition to regular varieties, but remains beginner-friendly, staying a bit sweeter and clean and such. Review of Woodchuck’s Sangria cider. I think that without the fakeness and with some barrel aging, a maple cider can be awesome. >>This is a review of a sample bottle provided to Cider Says by Woodchuck. Cidery:  Woodchuck Grid View Details | Add to Compare; View as Grid List. Cidery Location:  Middlebury VT New England style:  Alpenfire Tempest – The style is characterized by the use of brown sugar and raisins, and this is a great example. Cidery Location:  Middlebury VT Nice light flavor, easy to drink, and higher carbonation. First Impression:  Orange-amber hue (which appears to be natural as coloring isn’t listed). As demand outstripped the supply of apples grown on the farm, Woodchuck branched out, sourcing top-quality apple juice from growers in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest, in addition to juice from cider-specific apple varieties grown in Europe. My Opinion:  I thought it was ok. Mild complexity. Review of Woodchuck Rosé. Most Similar to:  Schilling Watermelon Mint, which was similar to this in that the flavor overall was rather mild, and the mint was only on the finish. Smells of yeast brought to the surface by carbonation. Opinion:  This is a unique but approachable cider, refreshing, and great for Spring. Alcohol sales are solicited, offered, accepted and made by licensed retailers who receive those orders. Have you tried Woodchuck Rosé? “We spent the first 20 years just trying to get people to try hard cider — not Woodchuck, but cider,” says Bridget Blacklock, who has been with the company since 2004 and is now its vice president of marketing. Have you tried Woodchuck Cucumber Mint? I’m looking forward to opening the bottle of it that I bought. Medium bodied. Where Bought:  n/a Availability:  Seasonably, March-August (with this being the first year), nationwide. $0.00, Check items to add to the cart or select all, Farnum Hill Dooryard Cider Full Keg 15.5 Gal, As low as: The name “Odd Crush” points to our drastically different styles, which originally sparked the diverse new era in American hard ciders. Review of Woodchuck 802 Lil’ Dry. Most Similar to:  The honey and citrus notes remind me of a few ciders I’ve tried recently, such as Schilling Cider King’s Shilling (which is sweeter), Honey Moon CiderHead (which is drier), and Flatbed Cider Crisp Apple (which is quite similar although thinner bodied). Have you tried Woodchuck Raspberry? Smells of apple juice. Moderate pear flavor, sessionability, and flavor intensity. Cider Description:  Day Chaser celebrates those adventure seekers that never let a minute slip by. High acidity. What did you think? Hints of tannins and bitterness. Please order 48 hours in advance. Low acidity. What did you think? Tart, rich, and complex, with a hint of sweetness, which I appreciated, as often these sorts of ciders go completely dry. Moderate tartness. Where Drank:  home Most Similar to:  Woodchuck Out On a Limb Ginger Lovin’, except with more ginger and the added pear. Buying Kegs vs. Cider Description:  Ready for a cider session? I like this better than some of their sweeter varieties like Amber, but my current favorites are still Gumption, Private Reserve Barrel Aged Cherry, and Winter Chill. What did you think? I picked some up on vacation, and got lucky when I returned the next year and they still had 1 bottle left, but haven’t seen it locally. Mild tartness and acidity. United States (1) Cider. Where Bought:  n/a Review of Woodchuck’s newest Private Reserve cider, Barrel Aged Cherry, from Middlebury Vermont. Low acidity and tartness. Cidery:  Woodchuck Cider:  Semi-Dry No bitterness, sourness, tannins, or funk. Low carbonation. Enjoy the brand that started the American cider revolution. This was lacking carbonation due to its age (the bottles I drank in Spring 2014 had moderate carbonation). I’m seeing more mainstream ciders being made using cider apples, although often it seems like it must have been a small amount. Low complexity. (the bottle almost looks red in this photo, but its the normal brown), Cider:  Private Reserve Barrel Aged Cherry Where Bought:  Total Wine How Found:  Browsing. $244.99, Price as configured: My Opinion:  Pretty good–sunshine in a glass! How Found:  I saw some other bloggers online post about it, then my sample bottle showed up in the mail. Cidery Description:  Vermont Cider Company is a leading hard cider maker in the United States, with a state of the art cidery located in Middlebury, Vermont. $294.99. Keg price includes delivery and empty keg pickup. The flavor is purely watered down apple juice with a hint of alcohol. Still. $54.99. United States (4) Cider. Bottles for Your Office, Home or Party; Donate / Sell Kegerator; Start searching here: Search. In 2014, the company built a state-of-the-art cidery less than a mile away, also in Middlebury. Moderate carbonation. Semi-sweet to sweet. tropical:  One Tree Staycation – I loved the complexity of this, which was unexpected for a cider from dessert apples. tannic cider:  Finnriver Fire Barrel version 1 – Super tannic, flavorful, and complex, reminiscent of English cider. It even reminded me of English cider. Style:  American commercial cider from dessert apples, with natural fruit flavors and grape skin extract for color, Availability:  semi wide release by July 2019. Cherries sourced from Belgium are then added. Woodchuck continues to produce an expanding range of traditional and surprising ciders. Moderate to high sessionability. Hopefully they will make an Out on a Limb cider more along the lines of Gumption or Winter Chill, which I enjoy. Cider:  Pear Ginger Most Similar to:  I found the ginger in this less intense than ginger ciders from Argus, Apple Outlaw, Finnriver, Locust, Schilling, and Strongbow. Super easy to drink and fruity, although rather grapey. Item No: Description: Packaging: Vendor: Website: 103508: Gumption 4/6 pk: 24/355ML: Vermont Cider Company: 106767: Woodchuck 100 CANS 2/12 pk Like our favorite redheads, ginger adds a feisty bite to this cider. Moderate tartness. These apples were picked at their peak, crushed locally, and collaboratively fermented here at the cidery in in Middlebury.”, Steve Wood, Farnum Hill Owner said, “It’s fun and funny to be collaborating now, over twenty years after we started out at opposite ends of the cider spectrum.”. Wish I could find more. Opinion:  Semi-sweet (Woodchuck says sweet but I don’t find this one all that sweet oddly enough). Nearly still (very low carbonation). How Found:  it showed up. Sort By. Cidery Location:  Middlebury VT $169.99, As low as: This is one of the better ciders from Woodchuck…I may even like it better than Gumption and Winter Chill. Ingredients:  Hard cider. Where Drank:  home My Account; My Cart; Checkout; Register; Log In; Home / Beer Kegs / Cider; Shop By. This keg contains approximately 165 12oz cups of beer. Most Similar to:  Woodchuck’s other fruity ciders, such as the Summer Time (blueberry), and Wyder’s Raspberry. Moderate to strong real cherry flavor. Join Now, This site is owner and operated by Trevor & Nolan O'Malley | CiderScene, Woodchuck & Farnum Hill Cider Partner for a Special Brut, How To Have A Virtual Thanksgiving Gathering. Tasting Notes:  On the sweeter side of semi-dry. I took a few tasting notes. It also was fuller bodied than I was expecting for the level of sweetness, which folks used to sweet full bodied ciders will probably enjoy.

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