Booting and navigating through the menus is painfully slow. Spectrum isn’t using the newest protocols in all areas, and when it rolls them out, an older modem will still work at slower speeds. - Leo, arger because of the wifi drop out when using my mobile at home. Modems capable of full gigabit speeds are significantly pricier at $150 to $250. First, modems with Intel PUMA chipsets have consistently delivered inconsistent speed and even dropped packets for many users. They simply do not like their IP subnet to be changed (often totally locking you out and not ans... Read more, Sounds like what you're looking to achieve is more advanced that what our hardware is designed for, Manovert. The WiFi range of my NetGear router was perfectly adequate for our purposes - covering a range of over 20 metres. Iinet just sent a new modem last year as old one died. Only times it has crashed (2-3 x) it has been quick to reboot. De Technicolor TC7210 wordt door Ziggo bij je abonnement geleverd. For internet connection speeds, the C7000 is the newest modem/router combo that has been certified by Spectrum for 400 mbps “ultra” service, but the C7800 is a newer non-approved Netgear modem-router combo that supports the more efficient DOCSIS 3.1 protocols. However since the recently supplied TG789 has been in service my WiFi range is really poor on both bands and it refuses to connect to my Solar Inverter which is just 18m away. We're keen to see how you go with the replacement equipment. and they all have the same issues with quality, range, slow speeds and constant dropouts. There are always steps that you can take to improve Wi-Fi performance. Thanks but I am replacing with a more robust unit with multiple external antennas - as opposed to none. Cable internet service required. It hasn't been. very happy with this modem for my nbn it is very reliable and quick easy to setup wifi is very quick also on it can enter modem and change passwords and name of wifi and your own wifi password, Before I connected to the NBN, I asked my telco how this modem's WiFi would perform, as compared to my (then) existing NetGear router. If Spectrum is only providing you with a E31 — N — 2V1 instead of a E31 — T — 2V1 (the initial indicates manufacturer), you might have some luck getting less jitter or lower latency with this Motorola modem, without technically giving up Spectrum-approved status. Yes, the TG-789 is able to be used with other providers, just be aware that depending on what NBN type that you have, the modem may be locked to that connection type (ie NBN FTTC and NBN HFC). 200Mbps Download Speeds & 100Mbps Upload speeds, CenturyLink XYTEL 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi- Router, C1100T VDSL2 Wireless Gateway Modem for CenturyLink, Designed according to the latest ECO standards, Dynamic rate switching for optimal wireless performance. Centurylink compatible DSL Telephony Wireless N Modem, High-Speed Internet Access with Voice Over IP (VoIP) Compatible Service, 4 GE LAN ports Allow You to Connect Multiple Devices Simultaneously. After reading the discussions about new modems at DSLReports and the Spectrum Community Forums, two persistent issues started to stand out. If you're asking whether I have regular problems loading, downloading or watching videos, the answer is most definitely YES.. Of course weve been on the phone with iiNet for months now and their customer service matches their poor quality products. Netgear’s hardware is reliable and easy to get support for. Been a customer for 10 years and it look like I will not be a client any longer because of the problem. We'd like to help ensure that any possibilities in terms of causes for the slow speeds on your home WiFi network from the modem have been tested and explored.... Read more. Thanks for confirming your company policy. It sounds odd to not be able to use the same old modem as you previously had! Barely has an effective range of more than 4-5 metres, signal is weak and easily blocked by walls and appliances, overheats, regularly needs to be switched off and reset, constant drop outs and slow speeds of less than 1mbps. With a lot of different devices being connected and disconnected, DHCP seems to fail and a reboot is required. Basically even though I have great iinet internet, the content has to continually buffer and loses quality. Booting up itself takes about 5 minutes, so you better not be in a hurry! The MB8600 doesn’t have the bugs or vulnerabilities many other DOCSIS 3.1 modems suffer from. This modem supports the new DOCSIS 3.1 protocol on 32 channels, so it will be able to work at even faster speeds if Spectrum chooses to beef up their network infrastructure. Het is een modem met ingebouwde dual-band 802.11ac-router in de AC1600-klasse die het qua prestaties redelijk doet. - We'd suggest giving this article a look:... We have a very helpful article available here: Seems to perform OK as a basic MODEM and VOIP is not too bad. If you like resetting your cable modem every five minutes (or less) to maintain connectivity then this is the modem for you. I have essentially given up and will buy my own VDSL2 ASUS Modem Router - I have used this brand before and have been very happy. The Technicolor – E31T2V1 is one of the modems Spectrum provides to new subscribers getting Ultra (400 mbps) speeds or faster. I can't think of anything else to troubleshoot so will live with the current situation and switch to other when contract finish later this year. TEL 1 / TEL 2 - Connects to home telephone wiring and to conventional telephones or fax machines. Het is een modem met ingebouwde single-band router. Compatible with major U.S. Cable Internet Providers including Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity & others. Cox will have to clarify that snippet. So trying to hook up Ethernet port two. So the impact of this new TG789 is unaccep... table in my situation. We also have a very handy article that can help, here:... Read more, Provided with this modem by Internode. De Technicolor wordt door Tele2 bij je abonnement geleverd. It connects to a repeater (TP-Link) to reach the sunroom out the back for the wifi. We asked specifically if cable subscribers should be worried if they’re using a vulnerable, un-patched modem, and Lyrebirds member Kasper Terndrup says “If there are no plans [for a patch or update from Spectrum], I would suggest that they worry, as an attack is not only a real possibility, but that a lack of updates is also a signal about how Spectrum deals with security.”, As far as the risk level, a modem that’s vulnerable to Cable Haunt is not the same risk as exposing a hackable device like a printer or webcam on a public-accessible IP address, but with the number of “smart” devices connecting to our local networks the risks posed by any vulnerability get higher all the time. Some of the hardware they give out is reliable and fast, and perhaps more importantly, Spectrum tech support should know exactly how to troubleshoot any problems with their own modems. Feel free to return here at any time with an invoice or reference number and we'll glady lend a hand. The wifi connection is slow, and not powerful enough. I would totally ditch this modem and install an SPA voip device on my home office network but there are some SPA settings that I need information on and when I tried, nobody at iinet could or would assist so I gave up. If you’re subscribing to the fastest 940 mbps “Gig” speed tier, Spectrum may not agree to provision the full speed this is capable of and force you to use their modem instead. th noting that this is a basic modem and if you have any needs for greater coverage in a large household beyond the range of the 2.4 and 5GHZ networks you may require your own advanced modem or router. Alternatively, you're always welcome to contact us directly with your details, to A MAC address is unique. This should help with tweaking your Wi-Fi for best performance. The 2 ports on your CGM4141 is essentially a switch on your personal, private, in-home network. Spectrum doesn't support many modem-router combination devices, but this one is an excellent example of good hardware supported by one of the top manufacturers. No go. We'd suggest giving this article a look:... Read more. Of the testing attempted through contact with the team, has a change in the wireless channel in use been made to ensure that the device isn't sharing a channel with other devices or networks nearby? We also have a very handy article that can help, here:... I was assured that its WiFi range would be a lot better than the NetGear's. The router actually fails to pull consistent internet from the socket creating significant packet loss as a result so streaming movies or playing games is difficult. If you’re a Spectrum subscriber on a lower speed tier like 100 mbps, you may get a good, reliable modem like the Technicolor – DPC3216 that Spectrum provided to us. I have had no issues with anything which is within 10m, but if your planning on anything beyond that forget it. Thank you, we really appreciate you taking the time to do the troubleshooting requested. We weren’t able to acquire all of the Spectrum modems for comparison ourselves, and that’s the tricky part. This one is standard-issue for new subscribers in our area, and works well in almost every way. If you want to subscribe to the fastest “Gig” speeds, the C7000 won’t work, so you’re better off using Spectrum’s modem and a separate Wi-Fi router or mesh system of your choice than trying to use any combo system we found. If you’re using a Wi-Fi router with your modem, see if you have the option to broadcast an isolated “guest” network. The best modem for sale that can be provisioned at full speeds — if the Spectrum techs are extra nice — is the Motorola – MB8600. Found this item to be of terrible performance and have just finished throwing it in the bin. They need to start using other modems rather than the cheapest crap. - Leo. It wasn't helpful in the slightest. Been on NBN for at least 2 years now. It at a point that i can't received home phone call the line is so bad as my voice sound gargled and constant audio dropout. Im writing this review using my phone data even though Im sitting right next to the piece of scrap, the only way youll get a fairly solid internet connection is by cable. Read more, 3 years ago i moved into a new house and stayed with my internet provider was supplied with this modem.

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