Perhaps he will return to acting one day, but right now, he doesn't have any new projects lined up. He saves a woman, Milah, from a drunk's unwanted attention by punching the man. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. So what's she been up to since then? He's been getting back into character to read Peter Pan (and do voice impressions of all the characters) for Disney's 365 Bedtime Stories program. "He was a … Rebecca Mader became part of the OUAT cast in season three, playing the Wicked Witch of the West. After OUAT, Maguire's first role was starring as Bill in the comedy short film Are We Good Parents? During his time off, he read through countless scripts, searching for the perfect role. Eventually, as you get older, you leave all that behind.". Ory's life has definitely changed since her time on OUAT ended. Well, here's a look at where all of your favorite actors from Once Upon a Time (OUAT) have ended up since the series finale. Now, she's getting back on her feet again and returning to Hollywood with a role in the film The Tax Collector, which is slated for a 2020 release. What the cast of Once Upon a Time is doing today. Since the end of OUAT, O'Donoghue has voiced the character Douxie for the TV series Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. And what has Maguire been doing since then? After Jones apparently takes a woman named Milah, her husband Rumplestiltskin confronts him but is too cowardly to do anything about it. Today, Gilmore is leaning into his other hobbies, like video games. Episode 2 of He's currently directing his next documentary, titled Only in Theatres, and according to the tagline, it will tell the story of "how one immigrant family helped make Hollywood." And since she finished shooting OUAT, de Ravin hasn't been very busy with acting. Jennifer Morrison, who plays the character, had the option to continue on the rebooted new season, but she decided to quit the series. Instead, all of these classic characters had been cursed to forget who they really were and to live out their lives as human beings in a small town called Storybrooke, with no knowledge of their true identities or abilities. And in May 2018, Ory and her husband John Reardon welcomed their first child, a son. Additionally, he'll be appearing in the upcoming film There's No Such Thing as Vampires, which doesn't have a confirmed release date just yet. But her dark side didn't get in the way of her happy ending, as she saved Dorothy with true love's first kiss, breaking her sleeping curse. Once Upon a Time not only revealed the identity of Hook’s daughter, but doubled down in the spoiler department by also unmasking her mother during the first of Friday’s two episodes. Years later, after Rumplestiltskin becomes the Dark One, he sees Killian and his crew at a tavern and conf… When Dallas opened up the script for the NBC drama Manifest, he was immediately interested in playing Ben Stone, a passenger on Montego Air Flight 828. In November 2019, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Milo. So yeah, it seems as if Maguire really enjoys popping up in magical fantasy worlds. In the show, the ill-fated plane goes missing and reappears over five years later, with Ben and the other passengers having no idea how much time has passed. After all, his reappearance in Emma's life would set off the chain of events for the entire story, and the actor would need to be able to play the same character as he grew up. She took on some more responsibility for the Lifetime film I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story, producing the movie and co-starring as Jeanne Kerr. She said working on Constellations was one of the most "demanding" projects she'd ever taken on. In 2019, she starred as Brooke in the TV movie A Lover Scorned, which followed her character as she attempted to escape from her loveless marriage by having an affair. "It's been a long time being away from home. He's very flawed and very complex, and he's trying to work through that." In OUAT, "Red" Lucas was actually a werewolf, and the only way that she could prevent herself from transforming was by wearing her special red cape. Emma Swan's son, Henry Mills, was such an important role in OUAT that the directors knew they would need a very skilled child actor to pull it off. For Maguire, getting this role was a lucky break. West. "[Method acting] was something I felt I had to do back then to understand this person that I was playing," Carlyle explained in an interview with ShortList, adding, "But of course, you don't have to kill someone in order to know what it's like to be a murderer! Prince Charming nearly died at the end of OUAT season six, but in a classic fairytale ending, receiving true love's kiss from Snow White saved his life. His storyline basically came to an end in season five, although the character did technically make a few reappearances after that. He also had roles in the movie What Still Remains and the short film Writersphere. He admitted that he learned a few pieces of information that he couldn't share with the public! She and her husband, Alfredo di Blasio, decided to get a divorce, and although she was heartbroken, she stated in an Instagram post that she wanted to take the opportunity to live fully and discover who she really was. Towards the end of the show's run, Gilmore technically began sharing the role of Henry with another actor, Andrew J. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Parrilla admitted that she was "super upset" when she found out that OUAT was finally ending, but she found a silver lining in that she'd finally get to take some much-needed time off. In OUAT, Raphael Sbarge played Jiminy Cricket and his human counterpart, a psychologist named Archie Hopper. I've been homesick for seven years," Parrilla said. The couple named their new son Theodore. Once a respectable member of the King's Navy, Killian Jones eventually turned to piracy after finding out that his king was corrupt, and became pirate captain of the Jolly Roger. Since leaving Storybrooke and saying goodbye to the characters they spent years playing, where are the cast members now? And recently, O'Donoghue has even returned to "playing" Captain Hook for one very special purpose. The fantasy drama Once Upon a Time re-introduced us to characters who we've all known since our childhoods. Like several other cast members, she was demoted from her full-time role at the end of season six and came back as a recurring character in season seven. But Carlyle has definitely stayed busy since OUAT wrapped. As for the actress herself, shortly after the series finale, de Ravin had her second child with her fiance Eric Bilitch. But when he returned, her world was turned upside down when Henry revealed that only Emma could save the people of Storybrooke and break the curse. But what about the actors who brought those witches, pirates, and werewolves to life? Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis felt that the character would have to be "precocious and vulnerable at the same time," and when Jared S. Gilmore walked in for the audition, Kitsis said, "We just knew he had to be our Henry!". Morrison may have hung up Emma's iconic leather jacket, but she's still making strides in her career. Robert Carlyle's Rumpelstiltskin was both the villain and the hero of OUAT, and Carlyle deftly played the dark and light sides of this complex character. As it turns out, he's been steadily booking new projects. He made an uncredited appearance in the film Yesterday as John Lennon, and he also played Ogilvy in the TV mini-series The War of the Worlds. As far as acting roles, she went on to star in the TV movie Like Family, which is about two friends who've been close since growing together as foster children, and now they're trying to make it in New York City as adults. Though Hook has died before on the show (remember the Season 4 finale, anyone?) Cookies help us deliver our Services. In the world of OUAT, Ginnifer Goodwin got her happy ending as Snow White with her Prince Charming. Emma Swan, a bail-bonds agent living in Boston, never thought that she would see her son, Henry, again after giving him up for adoption. And as the main character of the series, Jennifer Morrison always played Emma as a strong and dynamic character, someone who could be both compassionate and ruthless. Morrison hasn't slowed down for a second since saying goodbye to OUAT, so if you miss seeing her on your screen, chances are you'll catch her again soon. "He's a normal human. And he even did a bit of method acting to get ready to play Prime Minister Robert Sutherland in the series COBRA, talking with Scottish politicians to learn about the inner workings of secretive government meetings. This series wasn't telling the same tales that we'd already heard so many times before. For seven years, Lana Parrilla completely embodied the role of the Evil Queen Regina on OUAT. Morrison also landed the role of Cassidy Sharp on another popular TV show, the NBC family drama This Is Us. He's definitely been branching out and getting into projects that are quite different from his previous work. But his biggest role has been playing Gordon Cooper in the TV series The Right Stuff, an upcoming show about the real-life fighter pilots who trained to become the Mercury Seven. In March 2019, he was brought on to Atlanta Reign stream team. She also has another project lined up, as she's set to play in the upcoming film Wreckage, which is about a man who's trapped in the rubble of a building after surviving a terrorist attack. But she hasn't been on a true hiatus, either. Once Upon a Time was full of ups and downs, but like in all fairy tales, most of the characters had genuinely happy endings. In October 2019, the couple had a daughter, and since then, it seems like Ory has been taking a hiatus from acting.

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