Oct 0 10 2.5 5 7.5 Wind Speed ( m/s ) 0 100 200 300 400 Wind direction in degrees 0845 PM     TSTM WND GST     2 ENE COLBY             39.41N 101.01W 0858 AM     HEAVY RAIN       4 ENE RULETON           39.36N 101.80W Wave height (m) Wave period (s) Tide type.             TOTAL OF 3.96 INCHES OF RAIN. 08/12/2019  E2.50 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC.             MILES N OF YUMA. Large branches in motion; whistling heard in telegraph wires; umbrellas used with difficulty. A FEW FARM BUILDINGS WERE BLOWN SIDEWALK WAS Oct 0 10 2.5 5 7.5 Wind Speed ( m/s ) 0 100 200 300 400 Wind direction in degrees Thank you to all the submissions received! Local, Local Information 08/11/2019  M64 MPH          SHERMAN            KS   ASOS, 0810 PM     TSTM WND GST     GOODLAND                39.35N 101.71W REPORT VIA FACEBOOK.             PRECIPITATION. Almanac Averages & Extremes (August 05) Daily Data (August 2019) Additional Search Options. GOLF BALL TO TENNIS BALL SIZE HAIL. ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. 08/11/2019  E80 MPH          YUMA               CO   TRAINED SPOTTER. DELAYED REPORT: PUBLIC REPORTED VIA FACEBOOK Raises dust and loose paper; small branches moved. 08/11/2019  E1.00 INCH       YUMA               CO   PUBLIC, 0404 PM     TORNADO          7 S CLARKVILLE          40.27N 102.63W Oct 4. A significant severe weather event occurred across the Tri-State Region on the evening of August 11th, 2019.             IN DIAMETER. 08/12/2019                   SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC.             JAM ON OUTSIDE DOOR OF HOUSE BROKEN FROM THE TIME ESTIMATED BASED ON Climate (2011–Present) Beaumont Municipal Airport (5 miles) Take a look at our website widgetsAvailable free! 08/12/2019  M2.25 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC, 0605 AM     FLOOD            2 WSW GOODLAND          39.34N 101.74W Tides. 08/11/2019  M77 MPH          THOMAS             KS   MESONET, 0845 PM     TSTM WND DMG     2 SSW COLBY             39.36N 101.05W             IN TOWN.             48 HOURS.             ACROSS ROAD 77. 0615 pm hail 5 s eckley 40.05n 102.49w 08/11/2019 e1.00 inch yuma co trained spotter.             INCHES OF STORM TOTAL PRECIPITATION FOR 0839 PM     TSTM WND GST     1 NE COLBY              39.40N 101.03W This tornado produced damage consisting of trees either uprooted or snapped, and damage to farm machinery from flying debris, being tossed, or the strength of the wind itself.             RADAR. REPORT VIA FACEBOOK. Wind Humidity Barometer Visibility; 9:00 pm Sat, Nov 7: 30 °F: Overcast. 08/11/2019  E70 MPH          SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC.             BALL SIZE HAIL.             MACHINERY SUFFERED DAMAGE FROM DEBRIS OR THE             STORMS YESTERDAY EVENING. 08/11/2019  E2.50 INCH       CHEYENNE           KS   PUBLIC, 0730 PM     HAIL             BIRD CITY               39.75N 101.53W 08/12/2019  M1.44 INCH       THOMAS             KS   TRAINED SPOTTER, 0624 AM     HEAVY RAIN       GOODLAND                39.35N 101.71W A BRIEF TORNADO DAMAGED A FARMSTEAD             BASED ON RADAR. 08/11/2019                   YUMA               CO   PUBLIC. 08/11/2019                   THOMAS             KS   PUBLIC. 0658 PM     HAIL             BIRD CITY               39.75N 101.53W             INCHES IN DIAMETER.             PICTURE OF A RAIN GAUGE. 0933 AM     FLASH FLOOD      7 W MONUMENT            39.09N 101.12W             INCHES IN SPOTS. 08/11/2019                   CHEYENNE           KS   NWS STORM SURVEY. HAIL WAS 1.5 INCHES LONG AND 1 INCH IN 08/11/2019  E1.50 INCH       CHEYENNE           KS   TRAINED SPOTTER. 08/11/2019  M73 MPH          RAWLINS            KS   MESONET, 0854 PM     TSTM WND DMG     ATWOOD                  39.81N 101.04W PUBLIC REPORTED VIA FACEBOOK COMMENT 2.30 Hourly Data (August 2019) CSV XML Metadata(txt) Get More Data. NOAA Climate Service ..REMARKS.. PORTIONS OF HIGHWAY 40 NORTH OF WINONA STILL Time. TIME 08/12/2019  M1.40 INCH       RAWLINS            KS   PUBLIC, 0553 AM     HEAVY RAIN       5 S EDSON               39.26N 101.54W 08/11/2019                   THOMAS             KS   PUBLIC. 0657 PM     TORNADO          6 SW BIRD CITY          39.68N 101.60W Oct 4. 08/12/2019  M2.75 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC, 0553 AM     HEAVY RAIN       5 N GOODLAND            39.42N 101.71W Wind Speed; Mid Atlantic Air Temperatures (6 Hour Loop) Mid Atlantic Barometric Pressure (6 Hour Loop) Mid Atlantic Dewpoint Temperatures (6 Hour Loop) Mid Atlantic Precipitation (6 Hour Loop) Mid Atlantic Radar (1 Hour Loop) Mid Atlantic Radar (12 Hour Loop) Mid Atlantic Radar (3 Hour Loop) Social Dashboard 08/11/2019  M2.02 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   MESONET, 1045 PM     TSTM WND DMG     BOGUE                   39.36N 99.69W 08/11/2019  M2.35 INCH       THOMAS             KS   MESONET, 1110 PM     HEAVY RAIN       1 NE GOODLAND           39.35N 101.70W 08/12/2019  M3.00 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC, 0457 AM     HEAVY RAIN       2 NNW HERNDON           39.93N 100.80W REPORT VIA FACEBOOK OF SEVERAL HAILSTONES Winter Storm Severity Index 08/11/2019                   LOGAN              KS   EMERGENCY MNGR.             AND ROAD 15 COVERED. BROADCAST TREES Many fences were blown over. TIME CORRECTED AND BASED Questions? 0.11 INCHES OF RAINFALL IN NWS 08/12/2019  E4.50 INCH       YUMA               CO   PUBLIC.             STORMS YESTERDAY EVENING. 0410 PM     HAIL             10 NW WAUNETA           40.38N 102.40W             POURING.             COMMENT POWER LINES DOWN IN COLBY. PUBLIC REPORTED VIA FACEBOOK COMMENT 3.80             INCHES OF STORM TOTAL PRECIPITATION FROM 08/11/2019                   NORTON             KS   PUBLIC.             INCHES OF STORM TOTAL PRECIPITATION FROM REPORT INCLUDED A In the early 19th century, naval officers made regular weather observations, but there was no standard scale and so they could be very subjective – one man's "stiff breeze" might be another's "soft breeze". ST. FRANCIS, BIRD CITY, MCDONALD, AND ATWOOD REPORT ALSO             STREET AND SIDEWALK. Tornado - 7 WSW Wauneta, CO 0945 PM     FLASH FLOOD      12 NNE GOODLAND         39.50N 101.61W Local Radar, Forecasts WATER COVERING             WATER AT THE INTERSECTION OF 6TH AND CLARK. 08/12/2019  M2.50 INCH       RAWLINS            KS   TRAINED SPOTTER, 0646 AM     HEAVY RAIN       7 N COLBY               39.48N 101.05W             UP TO 1 FOOT IN DIAMETER DOWN. 08/12/2019  M1.65 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC. 08/12/2019  M1.83 INCH       SHERIDAN           KS   PUBLIC, 0558 AM     HEAVY RAIN       11 S BEARDSLEY          39.65N 101.23W All NOAA. Goodland, KS920 Armory RoadGoodland, KS 67735-9273785-899-7119Comments? 08/12/2019  M1.60 INCH       THOMAS             KS   PUBLIC.             INCHES OF STORM TOTAL PRECIPITATION FROM             STORMS YESTERDAY EVENING. DELAYED REPORT VIA FACEBOOK OF WATER OVER 0811 PM     TSTM WND GST     1 NE GOODLAND           39.37N 101.69W             THE TIME OF THE REPORT.             COUNTY ROAD 75.2.             A MILE AWAY. Beaufort succeeded in standardising the scale. A grain bin was blown more than a tenth of a mile away. 7-10. 08/12/2019  M3.12 INCH       SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC, 0519 AM     HEAVY RAIN       OAKLEY                  39.13N 100.86W 0635 PM     HAIL             SAINT FRANCIS           39.77N 101.80W PUBLIC REPORTED A TORNADO VIA TWITTER WITH A 08/11/2019  M2.30 INCH       GOVE               KS   MESONET, 1114 PM     HEAVY RAIN       OAKLEY                  39.13N 100.86W Wind and weather reports & forecasts for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders for over 45000 locations worldwide. 0645 PM     FLASH FLOOD      SAINT FRANCIS           39.77N 101.80W Wind Humidity Barometer Visibility; 3:56 pm Fri, Nov 6: 83 °F: Partly sunny.             IN DIAMETER DOWN. 08/11/2019  M0.18 INCH       GREELEY            KS   MESONET, 1110 PM     HEAVY RAIN       2 ENE COLBY             39.41N 101.01W COUNTY ROAD COMPLETELY DELAYED REPORT: PUBLIC REPORTED VIA FACEBOOK 08/11/2019  M68 MPH          RED WILLOW         NE   ASOS, 0950 PM     FLOOD            COLBY                   39.39N 101.05W Very rarely experienced; accompanied by widespread damage. ONE DEAD TREE 2-3 FEET             THE SIZE OF GOLFBALLS. DELAYED REPORT VIA TWITTER. TIME ESTIMATED BASED ON TIME ESTIMATED             POOL. 0420 PM     TORNADO          6 NW YUMA               40.19N 102.79W PUBLIC REPORTED VIA FACEBOOK COMMENT 1.33 Please try another search. 08/11/2019  E1.50 INCH       CHEYENNE           KS   PUBLIC. Oct 12. CORRECTS PREVIOUS TSTM WND DMG REPORT FROM 2 Fire Weather 0615 PM     HAIL             5 S ECKLEY              40.05N 102.49W 01h 4 kts.             STORMS YESTERDAY EVENING. The tornado was captured by photograph and forwarded to NWS Goodland by the Yuma County Emergency Manager. 08/11/2019                   RAWLINS            KS   PUBLIC.             FLOODED. 08/11/2019  E1.00 INCH       YUMA               CO   TRAINED SPOTTER, 0455 PM     HAIL             9 N YUMA                40.26N 102.72W PRELIMINARY LOCAL STORM REPORT...SUMMARY Check the wind forecast for New Orleans Airport when you search for the best travel destinations for your kiteboarding, windsurfing or sailing vacations in United States. 08/11/2019  M68 MPH          SHERIDAN           KS   MESONET, 0953 PM     TSTM WND GST     2 E MCCOOK              40.20N 100.58W             BEARDSLEY. A tornado struck a farmstead southeast of Wheeler, KS. 08/12/2019                   LOGAN              KS   EMERGENCY MNGR.             W MONUMENT.             ALSO INCLUDED A PICTURE. REPORT VIA FACEBOOK: PUBLIC REPORTED STORM National Weather Service The Beaufort Scale is an empirical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea or on land.             INCHES OF STORM TOTAL PRECIPITATION FROM 08/12/2019  M2.64 INCH       THOMAS             KS   PUBLIC. DELAYED REPORT VIA FACEBOOK. 08/11/2019                   SHERMAN            KS   PUBLIC. 08/12/2019  M1.68 INCH       RED WILLOW         NE   PUBLIC, 0511 AM     HEAVY RAIN       GOODLAND                39.35N 101.71W REPORT VIA TWITTER. 0615 PM     TSTM WND GST     4 S ECKLEY              40.05N 102.49W REPORT INCLUDED A PICTURE OF A POSSIBLE CORRECTS PREVIOUS FLASH FLOOD REPORT FROM 7 Strongest 27 August, … hail ranged from nickel to quarter in size. DELAYED REPORT VIA FACEBOOK OF WALNUT TO 1101 PM     HEAVY RAIN       4 SW ARAPAHOE           38.80N 102.22W Observed Precipitation Text Weather Index

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